Lucy’s New York Pizza at The Broadway in downtown Idaho Falls is open.

“We’re New York-style on Broadway,” said Geoff Padigimus, co-owner of Lucy’s.

The Broadway location, on the corner of West Broadway Street and Memorial Drive, is not an additional restaurant; it’s a relocation from the Anderson Street restaurant, which closed Monday.

“It’s the same pizza, same menu,” Padigimus said. “If you want to, fold it. Eat it with a fork if you have to.”

Lucy’s, a locally owned business, has pizzerias in Idaho Falls, Ammon, Roberts and Orem, Utah.

The restaurant’s owners and employees and some friends of the business helped move food, computers and cooking equipment — including a nearly 2,000-pound mixer — from the Anderson Street location to The Broadway.

“We had a lot of good help,” Padigimus said. “We have a lot of good employees and local friends that don’t mind coming in and giving help.”

“It’s good to be local,” he added.

The restaurant was closed only on Monday during the transition. On Tuesday, ovens were roaring and free pizza slices were being handed out at the new location.

“We’re ready to go,” said Lucy’s manager Jason Cartier. “Our team’s motivated. We’re excited and we want people to come give us a try.”

The new location is about 1,200 square feet larger and has twice the seating capacity of the old building. A dozen new employees were hired to manage the influx of customers — and the hiring will continue, Padigimus said.

The restaurant’s interior was designed to look like New York City.

There’s a mock Brooklyn Bridge, subway tiles, exposed brick throughout and an “amore” (Italian for “love”) section, meant to invoke a “little Italy” feel, according to Padigimus.

One section of the restaurant is meant to look like Times Square. Another, with booths covered by shingled rooftops, is meant to look like a neighborhood in Queens or the Bronx.

There are two fireplaces and 18 feet of bar-style seating that looks out on West Broadway Street.

Padigimus said the idea is for customers to feel like they’re in New York without being in New York.

“We’re saving you that airfare,” he said.

Lucy’s is the second restaurant to open at The Broadway, a development by the Boise-based Oppenheimer Development Corporation. Smokin Fins, a seafood, sushi and smoked specialty meat restaurant, opened there in December.

Nick Bingham, head cook and assistant manager at Lucy’s, said he’s excited to be downtown, where he expects there will be plenty of walk-in customers and customers from the hotels across the river.

“Foot traffic makes me really excited,” Bingham said. “There’s never not a person walking downtown.”

Parking could be an issue, which Padigimus acknowledged.

“It’s going to be a little tight,” he said.

After 5 p.m., customers can park in lots belonging to Aladdin’s Floral and Bank of Idaho, Padigimus said. Also, the A Street parking lot is available after 5 p.m., he said.

A new parking garage underneath The Broadway is permit-only and not open to customers, unless they have a parking permit.

The downtown Lucy’s will continue to deliver pizzas to the same locations as the Anderson Street restaurant.

“We’re going to cover everything that we’ve covered before,” Padigimus said.

Reporter Ryan Suppe can be reached at 208-542-6762. Follow him on Twitter: @salsuppe.

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