Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated Marlene Hathaway's relationship to Paul Hathaway. Marlene Hathaway is Paul Hathaway's aunt. 

ST. ANTHONY — A new business here has ties to Paul Hathaway.

Paul Hathaway is the former owner of Hathaway Homes Group, a defunct manufactured homes dealer with a history of defrauding customers. Mikki Hathaway is Paul’s wife.

Hathaway agreed to stop selling mobile homes in a settlement with the Idaho Attorney General’s office, signed last month.

The nature of the new business is unknown — there are no listings online and no phone number associated with it — but it’s called Homes Unlimited LCC. A business license for Homes Unlimited was filed in February with the Idaho Secretary of State.

According to the business license, Homes Unlimited is governed by Michael Carl Leonardson, of Hurricane, Utah. The business’ noncommercial registered agent is MJ Parker, better known as Maleri Parker (Miller is her maiden name), of St. Anthony.

Leonardson is Mikki Hathaway’s father.

Parker is Mikki Hathaway’s daughter, from her first marriage, and Paul Hathaway’s stepdaughter.

Neither Leonardson nor Parker are registered agents with an Idaho business other than Homes Unlimited. According to a social media profile, Parker is a cosmetologist.

The principal office address for Homes Unlimited is 2316 E. 450 N., Saint Anthony. The property is owned by Marlene Hathaway, according to the Fremont County Recorder’s Office.

The Homes Unlimited property is adjacent to Hathaway Homes Group’s office at 2155 S. Yellowstone Highway.

Last fall, the Attorney General’s office filed a consumer protection complaint against both Hathaway Homes Group and Paul Hathaway himself.

Hathaway Homes Group has a well-documented history of consumer complaints.

More than a dozen former customers told the Post Register in recent years they were treated unfairly by Hathaway Homes Group. They said Hathaway cheated them in one way or another.

Hathaway Homes Group customers said they gave Hathaway large upfront down payments for homes that were never delivered, were different than the homes customers ordered or were delivered long after the promised date.

Some said they were left destitute and homeless after their dealings with Hathaway.

Hathaway Homes Group, which is currently undergoing Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation, was banned from doing business in Idaho. Paul Hathaway was fired from the company by a bankruptcy trustee.

Last month, Paul Hathaway and the Attorney General’s Office settled the personal complaint against Hathaway. Paul Hathaway agreed to stop selling mobile, manufactured and modular homes in Idaho.

According to the settlement, Hathaway is prohibited from: “advertising for sale, offering for sale or selling to consumers new or used manufactured, modular or mobile homes from a location within the state of Idaho.”

But the settlement lists exceptions to the prohibitions. It says he is prohibited from selling manufactured, modular and mobile homes, unless he “is working under the supervision of a state licensed retailer, resale broker, manufacturer or similarly-defined business entity,” and “has obtained any government-required licensure, registration, certification or other credential.”

If Paul Hathaway were selling homes under another company, such as Homes Unlimited, it’s unclear whether it would violate the terms of the settlement.

“We are aware of the arrangement and will continue monitoring Mr. Hathaway’s behavior in accordance with the terms of the settlement and the law,” said Scott Graf, public information officer for the Attorney General’s office.

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