Dr. Kenneth Krell

Dr. Kenneth Krell

City Club of Idaho Falls honors
Krell with Civility Award

The City Club of Idaho Falls has selected Dr. Kenneth Krell as the recipient of the 2020 John D. Hansen Civility Award. The City Club presented Krell with the award on June 4, a City Club news release said.

The City Club of Idaho Falls created the award to recognize individuals who "embody the character of the club’s founding member and past director John D. Hansen, including professionalism, integrity, civility, public service, and support for education, its institutions and teachers," a City Club news release said.

Hansen, who died in 2017, was a local attorney with Hopkins Roden and served as a state senator for six terms. The award in his honor is given to those who have provided “unfailing service to the betterment of the community in the following areas: government, education, commerce, agriculture, and the humanities,” the release said. Award recipients are voted on by the City Club board of directors.

“Dr. Ken Krell has served our community for many years in the field of critical care,” City Club Board President Jerry Scheid said in the release. "That is notable alone, but he has also been a leading voice advocating for those in Idaho’s Medicaid gap by publically speaking, writing and meeting with legislators on the issue. Dr. Krell was instrumental in laying groundwork for the grassroots efforts that led to the passing of Idaho Proposition 2 in 2018. For his care for his community and the meaningful difference this effort has made in the lives of Idahoans, we honor him with this distinguished award.”