Aberdeen Transfer Station in need if closure

Dusty Whited meets with the Bingham County commissioners to request a closure of the Aberdeen Transfer Station due to a COVID outbreak among the employees.

ABERDEEN – Bingham County commissioners had to schedule an emergency meeting for Tuesday with the Aberdeen Transfer Station requiring an emergency closure over public health concerns due to a COVID-19 outbreak among employees.

Dusty Whited, Bingham County Public Works director, told the commissioners they are down to one employee for the location and the need to close it temporarily has arrived.

The Aberdeen Transfer Station is currently only open Wednesdays and Saturdays, but with the coronavirus outbreak at the location, the county decided it would be in their best interest to temporarily close it while employees recover from being ill.

Whited also suggested that while they are in the slow season that the county close the Aberdeen Transfer Station on Wednesdays until further notice. Commissioner Whitney Manwaring asked if any of the local entities will need to be notified of the closure. Whited explained that Blackfoot is the only city that uses the Aberdeen location, and he would notify them immediately following the meeting.

The commissioners voted unanimously to temporarily close the location and to only be open on Saturdays once they are able to return to work.