Nonpareil building

The former Nonpareil administrative building is being looked at as a future location for Blackfoot City Hall.

BLACKFOOT — After the Blackfoot City Council held a special meeting Tuesday afternoon to examine the potential purchase of the Nonpareil Administration building on West Collins Siding Road for a total of $950,000, the city came out with a press release Friday looking at the location as a new site for city hall.

At the regular Blackfoot City Council meeting on April 6, the council requested that Mayor Marc Carroll make an offer for a lease-purchase of the Nonpareil Corporation Administration building, located at 411 W. Collins Siding Road. There were counteroffers that were exchanged between the parties, resulting in a proposal that was subsequently brought to the special council meeting on April 13. At that meeting, the council unanimously approved the proposal offered by the sellers, Randi Phillips and Chris Abend, saying they believe the offer was “extremely reasonable and presented an excellent value for the city,” according to the press release.

City hall has been located in two different buildings on North Broadway for as long as anyone can remember, and since 1987 has been housed at 157 N. Broadway, upstairs from the city library.

City officials said with the significant growth of the city over the last 10 years, the current explosion of new housing construction and new businesses locating in the city, current administrative offices are nearing capacity to accommodate this growth. Since the growth of the city is projected to occur to the west of town, it was felt that city hall should move in that direction.

The press release said the city has been looking at this property since 2019, with the goal of eventually co-locating city hall and the Blackfoot Police Department in one location, and while it may take years to co-locate the two city departments, it gives the space necessary to allow it in the future, also allowing the Blackfoot Public Library the opportunity for potential expansion in their current location.

The city is currently in the due diligence phase of the agreement with the Abend family. During this 60-day period, the city will be conducting inspections of the infrastructure of the building, evaluating minor remodeling requirements, and securing estimates for significant upgrades to the building that will be required in order to accommodate necessary computer and emergency services communication systems.

The city council, mayor, and city employees have expressed excitement about the potential for the move and the increased capability to service the needs of Blackfoot residents. Officials say accessibility to this building for all citizens will be better than at the current location, as services will all be available on one floor.

In the special meeting, Carroll went over the two options that were provided to the city regarding the purchase of the property with one being a lease-to-own option and the other a more traditional style of purchase. The lease-to-own option would cost the city $500,000 up front with two leasing years to follow. Once the terms of the lease are met, the city will be provided the option to finalize the purchase of the property for $1. The second option would require the entire $950,000 at closing presented by the city of Blackfoot to the current owner.

The city will provide updates as matters proceed during the due diligence phase, utilizing the city’s website, social media, and additional press releases.

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