Bryn Katseanes, educator of the month

Bryn Katseanes of Snake River Junior High School, educator of the month.

THOMAS – If you have ever heard the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child, it has never been more true than what our schools are going through in this day and age of the pandemic.

It isn’t just the teachers, but also the administration of each school from the principal to the secretary to the counselors, all working together to keep things on an even keel and the students progressing through their classes and advancing to the next level.

A classic example is the work being done by Bryn Katseanes at Snake River Junior High School.

“I don’t know some days how we would survive if we didn’t have Bryn in our office,” Principal Rich Dunn stated. “She is there every day, working with every student who needs the help and then finds the time to work with the parents as well. She has truly made our team as efficient as it is.”

Although Bryn has a last name that is very familiar in the Blackfoot area, she is a transplant as her whole family has been. Her trek to the Blackfoot area began in West Jordan, Utah, then to Chandler, Ariz., and finally to her current residence in the Blackfoot area.

“I work here at the school, but my husband is an organic farmer in the area and together we have a three-year-old named Lion,” Katseanes said. “We are working to expand the various vegetables that we can grow and have added a large greenhouse to our farm that we can keep working all year round.”

That has taken a lot of time on both of their parts with trips to see how other operations work. Currently, they grow the usual variety of vegetables that work well in this area, but are adding new and different items every year. They are marketing their produce through the local farmers markets and to their friends and neighbors. Someday, they may even be as big as some of the other operations you may have seen or heard of like the one in Jackson Hole, whose goal is to provide fresh vegetable on a year-round basis for all of that community’s needs.

Bryn’s work with the school district has been very rewarding as her work with the students is almost immediately gratifying on a daily basis.

“When a problem comes to me, I meet with the student to see if the two of us can work it out,” Bryn said. “If not, then we bring in the parent and that usually is all it takes, just better understanding of what is expected and how to reach those expectations by working together. When that happens, it is a win-win situation all around.”

Bryn prides herself on being a very happy person and she always has a smile on her face and makes things better for everyone around her.

“When Bryn walks into a room, it just lights up,” Dunn said. “I know that if I am having a rough day and Bryn walks in, it is going to be better and I don’t know of a person around here that thinks any differently.”

Katseanes is also an ambitious person, who has taken some of the down time that the schools have experienced in the past two years dealing with the COVID pandemic, to work on furthering her own education. She has recently completed her second master’s degree, which has gained her an administration certification so that when the timing is right, she will be able to advance in her career as a principal.

“I am not looking to move upward, but if the right opportunity presented itself, I wanted to be prepared,” Katseanes said. “I have always thought that those who prepare themselves are the ones who have thought about it and will know when the right opportunity presents itself, they will be ready for the change and move upwards. That can only help everyone as growth is necessary for success.”

It is truly a blessing and a breath of fresh air when you walk into the main office at Snake River Junior High School and see the way the team there works on behalf of the students and the parents who are also involved with the activities at the school.

Snake River Junior High School is a shining example of how our schools can work in the best interests of all of our students and their families for the betterment of education in our area.

Congratulations to Bryn Katseanes, the Bingham News Chronicle’s educator of the month.

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