Two of my grandkids graduate from high school next year. What will they do with their lives?

This question caused me to ponder my life experiences. I’ve been a professional biologist for over 40 years. The awards on my office wall suggest I’ve had some success in my career. I’ve been an avid angler, hunter, and outdoorsman for much longer. The contents of our freezer indicate some proficiency in those pursuits.

Jack Connelly has lived in Bingham County for over 40 years. He is an avid outdoorsman and has hiked, camped, hunted, and fished over much of the U.S. as well as parts of Europe and Asia. Connelly worked as a biologist for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for over 30 years. He now enjoys retirement with his wife Cheryl raising chickens and bird dogs at their home in Blackfoot.

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