Gov. Brad Little held a press conference at noon on Thursday regarding the reopening of schools later this month. He focused on a few key points during his speech, saying “Schools will open, even if in a blended format.”

The Southeastern Idaho Public Health (SIPH) Board met Thursday to discuss the situation in the region regarding any and all changes surrounding the advancement of cases of COVID-19. The board voted two weeks ago to meet biweekly instead of monthly as confirmed cases continue to run rampant a…

The Blackfoot Movie Mill has been creative, if nothing else, in rebooting the opening of the movie complex with bringing back classic movies and even running double and tripleheaders which fills theaters, sells concessions, and gives movie goers a break at the box office.

One of the movies that make up the "Twilight" franchise, "Eclipse," will be taking its turn in the rotation as it follows the film "Twilight" and "Twilight: New Moon" in the order of the five films.

The Idaho High School Activities Association held a board of directors meeting on Wednesday via Zoom, with a strong agenda of items from their financial report for June to yearly updates and the all important information and discussion on the effects of COVID-19 as the state and high school …

BLACKFOOT – The Blackfoot City Council approved a face mask mandate for city employees during its regular meeting Tuesday night with Mayor Marc Carroll casting a tie-breaking vote in favor.

BLACKFOOT – Police are investigating an accident northbound on Interstate 15 at approximately 11 a.m. involving a rollover wreck near milepost 87.

BLACKFOOT – Zac Fillmore addressed the Blackfoot Urban Renewal Agency Tuesday morning regarding the status of both the Milmor Hotel and Teton House projects for which he has been hired as the design engineer.

BLACKFOOT – Twenty-year-old Jose A. Moreno is facing charges after allegedly attempting to force his way into a vehicle at gunpoint with a young child inside the vehicle Tuesday, according to a press release from the Blackfoot Police Department.

BLACKFOOT – The Blackfoot Urban Renewal Agency (BURA) listened to input from community member and businesswoman Beverly Beach Tuesday morning, suggesting a potential purchase by BURA or the City of Blackfoot of property near downtown Blackfoot to turn into a parking lot or structure.

With everything going on right now, we know that parents and grandparents have a lot on their plates. And, with back-to-school now upon us, that means new school supplies and clothes shopping, but it’s also the perfect time to make sure your kids are up-to-date on their immunizations. When i…

One in 20 children — ages 3 to 5 — has a vision problem that could become a permanent problem if left untreated, according to Consumer Health Digest. And, despite this unsettling statistic, 80 percent of preschoolers do not receive an eye screening.

BLACKFOOT – Bingham County Commissioners opted to sign a letter Monday requesting consideration from the Eastern Idaho State Fair (EISF) Board to relieve Justin Oleson of his position as the Bingham County representative.

ABERDEEN – The Aberdeen School Board has provided an approved plan to reopen the schools this fall. Their plan is divided into four different categories, and will have different expectations and guidelines, depending on the Southeastern Idaho Public Health District’s current status of Bingha…

BLACKFOOT – The start of the next chapter in the SewMine company founded and operated by the Mcglaughlan family has come following a decision to approve a Conditional Use Permit from the Blackfoot Planning and Zoning Commission.

BLACKFOOT – The Blackfoot school board held a special meeting Thursday night in efforts to make a final decision regarding their return to the classroom. The plan that was introduced just two weeks ago has undergone some alterations, revamps, and tests to get to where it was by the end of th…

BLACKFOOT – As of Wednesday morning, Bingham County is officially in the moderate category of the Southeastern Idaho Public Health District (SIPH) Regional Response Plan.

THOMAS – The Snake River School District Board of Trustees held a special meeting on Tuesday with a short agenda, but two of the items were essential in getting schools back in session for the 2020-2021 school year.

MORELAND – The Bingham County Central Transfer Station was recently brought under scrutiny by a member of the community who felt that the scales were not operating properly. Upon further inspection by the Idaho Bureau of Weights and Measures, it was determined the complaint was valid.

BLACKFOOT – Planning and Zoning meetings in the City of Blackfoot continue to draw a crowd as a large agenda would be addressed Tuesday evening.

BLACKFOOT – Members of the McDonald’s Corporation, management, and the engineering firm they hired to design and draft a renovated and moved version of the local location presented their plan to the Blackfoot Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday night.

BLACKFOOT – Following a complaint from a local member of the community regarding the scale at the transfer station, the state’s Bureau of Weights and Measures sent out Mike Howser, the eastern Idaho measurements inspector, to check the scale in question.

BLACKFOOT – Tiffany Olsen, Bingham County Planning and Development director, met with the county commissioners Tuesday afternoon to discuss code enforcement, planning ahead, and the combination of a subdivision.

BLACKFOOT — Bingham Academy, a free, accredited public charter high school in Bingham County, is offering both an on-campus and online school option for its students this fall.

Over 100 million Americans suffer from common chronic pain. It is the primary cause of adult disability in the U.S. and is a costly public health issue. The combined loss of productivity and healthcare costs exceeds $600 billion annually in the U.S.

Even with all of the uncertainty around back to school and school sports this year, Bingham is still here for you. And, with all of the items on your check-list to get your children or grandchildren back to school safely, let us put your mind at ease with the medical side of things — from im…

Who doesn’t remember the childhood lyrics “The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone” and so on? The joints do this connecting work. In fact, the human body has more than 200 joints.

BLACKFOOT – Cody Gordon addressed Bingham County commissioners Friday morning regarding an impending flood study to be held on the Snake River by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

BINGHAM COUNTY – Dusty Whited, Bingham County’s road and bridge supervisor, conducted a speed study recently at a resident’s request on County Line Road.

BLACKFOOT – During a recent meeting with the Bingham County commissioners, Sheriff Craig Rowland said he has come across a potential sanitation system for the courthouse to ensure the safety of employees, community members, and those in the jail.

BLACKFOOT – Information was provided that the Supreme Court will require that jury trials and civil cases have their dates of returning to the courtroom pushed back again, says Bingham County Clerk Pam Eckhardt.

Three Island Crossing was the most important and difficult river crossing in Idaho. Crossing the Snake River was always dangerous, but when the water was low enough to negotiate, everyone crossed who could, to take advantage of the more favorable northern route to Fort Boise.

BLACKFOOT – For the time being, Southeastern Idaho Public Health (SIPH) will not be mandating the use of face masks in public in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BLACKFOOT – Blackfoot School District Superintendent Brian Kress hosted a Zoom meeting for parents and educators interested in hearing about the new online school system for the upcoming school year.

The Days of ‘47 continue to be part of Utah’s heritage and they try and celebrate it every year. The State of Utah recognizes July 24 as Pioneer Day which is also the day that the Mormon travelers in the Vanguard Company reached the Great Basin. This amazing feat all those years ago continue…

The final pair of “Indiana Jones” movies most likely should have been switched around in their release and the “Last Crusade” was released nearly 20 years before the “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

The movie that started the five-film “Twilight” series, a grouping of films that centered around a young woman’s love for Edward Cullen who turns out to be a vampire, has made its way back to the Blackfoot Movie Mill.

BLACKFOOT – Local landowner Geraldine Wilkes applied to have her land subdivided through a short plat at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and later had to have the agenda item postponed.

BLACKFOOT – Following changes with the Idaho Parks and Recreation Department, people can no longer travel to their local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to purchase their registrations for boats and off road vehicles, according to Bingham County Assessor Donavan Harrington.

BLACKFOOT - The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) will be making repairs to three bridges on I-15 in Blackfoot for the public's safety and mobility. Bridge repairs will begin Thursday, July 23, with plans to be completed by the end of September.

BLACKFOOT – Continued growth for the area around Blackfoot has sparked the creation of a committee to discuss the future plans of the Blackfoot School District. Superintendent Brian Kress invited members of the community to meet and discuss and share in visions presented to him regarding the…

BLACKFOOT — The Tribal Office of Emergency Management (TOEM) officially reported three new COVID-19 positive cases Tuesday, bringing the total to 24 positive cases on the Fort Hall Reservation, with 17 recovered, and one confirmed death.

BLACKFOOT – The Blackfoot Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) will be hearing from multiple local members of the community at its next meeting July 28 requesting conditional use permits to operate businesses out of their homes.

Shortly after leaving the Massacre Rocks portion of the Oregon Trail, the emigrants were forced into some of the roughest terrain of the journey.

Today, young adults and adolescents join together to take part in a reenactment of the actions and activities that the original pioneers took part. Groups from all over the western states join with church leaders and travel to some ground that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints …