Linda Balls

Linda Balls stepped down from her full-time position as Aberdeen’s city clerk/treasurer Jan. 31, but she can be found at city hall part-time to help with the transition.

ABERDEEN — Linda Balls stepped away from her full-time position as Aberdeen’s city clerk/treasurer Jan. 31, but she’s still keeping a bit of a hand in it to make the transition go smoothly.

And even though she came to Aberdeen from Washington state and plans to visit there in her retirement, she plans to continue making Aberdeen her home.

Balls has been with the city over 17 years. She was working at the local grocery store when it was known as Cardinal Market when an opening came up for an assistant city clerk with Aberdeen. She applied for the position and she got it.

That was when Morgan Anderson was Aberdeen’s mayor. Anderson served the city over 40 years as a councilman and mayor before he retired in 2016 with current Mayor Larry Barrett stepping in.

Balls moved from Washington state to Aberdeen in May of 1987. She started working at Cardinal Market in February of 1991 as a checker, plus she managed the video center and opened and closed the store before moving to her city job.

“It’s bittersweet,” Balls said of stepping down. “I’m excited but then I’m sad to leave. I’ve made some good friends here, this city has been good to me. I’ve enjoyed working with the people of Aberdeen.”

Balls said part of her early experience involved learning that running a city is totally different than running a regular business, with different rules and regulations needing to be followed in city government.

She worked under Marva Jean Mueller when she first went to work for the city.

“She was a very good teacher and mentor,” Balls said. Mueller retired in 2011, and Balls was then appointed city clerk/treasurer. Stephanie Wallace will be stepping into Balls’ position with the city.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping the people of Aberdeen, it’s been a wonderful experience,” Balls said.

“I plan to travel some, I’ll go to Washington state and spend time with family. I enjoy what western Washington has to offer, but I’ll be staying in Aberdeen. I’ll be a part-time person and help out at the city office when needed.”

Balls was presented with a gift at Tuesday’s Aberdeen city council meeting.

“She’s been there for quite a long time, she’s probably the most important person in city government around here,” Barrett said of Balls. “She knows it all and keeps us straight. She has so much knowledge regarding the city. I couldn’t have asked for a more loyal, honest person to work with. She’s been a wonderful employee.”