Movie Review - Honest Thief

Things are finally beginning to loosen up in Hollywood as far as releasing films to the theaters and ultimately to us as fans of the movie-going experience.

There is nothing better than seeing a first-run film on the big screen at a theater complete with popcorn and a cold drink and maybe even a candy bar or whatever.

It is the experience that we all want and what we are paying for.

This week, there are a handful of new releases that are arriving locally and the one with the most hype and advance previews that we mostly have all seen is “Honest Thief,” which stars Liam Neeson, a very accomplished actor that has made more than his share of action thrillers over the years.

Most notable of those films is the trilogy of “Taken,” “Taken 2” and “Taken 3,” surrounding Neeson as a specialist of sorts that has a ‘unique set of skills that allows him to track down kidnappers, rectify wrongdoing by eliminating the person who did the wrong, and making right things that have affected him personally with his family and keeping it together. The “Taken” franchise earned over $900 million at the box office, making anything along the same tone a great gamble for the producers and that is the case for “Honest Thief.”

Neeson stars as a bank robber who has robbed a number of banks in several states in the past several months and has accumulated over $9 million from his haul.

He meets a lady who catches his attention and convinces him that in order to continue their relationship he must turn himself in and make things right, serve his time and allow them to have a life together.

That all seems pretty easy and he contacts the FBI in an attempt to surrender and make things right until two of the federal agents decide to take the money for themselves and leave Neeson hanging.

Right, like that is going to work in their favor as Neeson then vows to seek his revenge with his own style of justice.

The plot may seem a bit weak, but once some of the action actually begins and Neeson exacts his own style of vengeance, things pick up and keep you entertained.

The whole things may have a bit of Neeson on steroids in this role as it is very close to the character he played in the “Taken” franchise, but that is what he was paid to do in this role and he follows the script to a tee.

Supporting Neeson in this role is a fine job by Jai Courtney, who plays his role as one of the two FBI agents that turn bad.

Courtney, you might remember, had a very solid performance in the first of the Jack Reacher movies as a bad guy against Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher and had a memorable role in the “Spartacus” series that appeared on STARZ as Spartacus’ best friend until his demise in that series. Courtney is developing his own style and fits this role very well.

This show is very well cast and the movie flows well and can be enjoyed by one and all. It does have its spots where things may not be suitable for young children as there are some scenes where violence takes over as Neeson’s character Tom Carter exacts his revenge on the FBI in order to set things right. That is the whole purpose of the film and Neeson’s role which he is becoming very adept at doing in his middle age characters.

He does have a unique set of skills and he is making things right in his own way.

“Honest Thief” begins its run at the Blackfoot Movie Mill today and as always, we suggest that you visit their website at in order to purchase your tickets in advance and reserve your favorite seat to enhance your movie going experience.

I have rated this movie as a solid 4 on a scale of 1-5 and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good thriller action film mainly for the sheer enjoyment of the entertainment value it brings.