Movie Review - 'Apollo 13'

When Ron Howard was named as the director of the film “Apollo 13” and the cast ended up including Tom Hanks, Bill Pullman and Kevin Bacon, you just knew that it would be a hit and a hit it was. The film debuted in 1995 and promptly earned over $350 million dollars at the box office and earned a handful of Oscar nominations as well.

It also cemented what we were beginning to know and that is the greatness of Tom Hanks as an actor and the brilliance of Ron Howard as a director.

Dubbed as a “Great Fourth of July Movie,” “Apollo 13” gives you a little bit of everything. You will feel patriotic as the crew of the space ship Apollo 13 encounters problem after problem and with pure American ingenuity and stubbornness, they overcome one thing after another, from failures of the scrubbers, which remove carbon dioxide from the air and allows the astronauts to breathe, to one of the three coming down with measles to breakdowns in nearly every facet of their mission to the moon.

They end up scrapping the planned moon landing and simply circle the moon and head home only to encounter more problems along the way.

The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and as you go through wave after wave of patriotic feelings — from fear to anxiety to whatever emotion you would like to exhibit — you will find yourself so satisfied and proud to be an American, it will allow you to leave a lot of the problems you may be encountering in your own personal life at this time behind, even if only for a couple of hours. This movie has that kind of an effect on people.

Behind the sterling performance of Hanks in a lead role once again, he proves that he has been one of the top actors, if not the top actor in his generation with sterling performance after sterling performance during a string of hit films that has encompassed his career.

It also shows you why Howard is one of the best directors in the land and has been for many years now, all of this after beginning his career as Opie on the Andy Griffith Show on television and a few acting credits in movies like “American Graffiti” along the way.

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