BLACKFOOT – The Bingham County Planning and Zoning Commission met on Wednesday evening to tackle a large agenda that would have them working well past midnight. Some of the agenda items would take the better part of an hour to reach a motion and decision.

The first item on the agenda was a request for a Conditional Use Permit for a dance studio by Wendy Schild and Kendall Murdock. The property in question had a CUP in place for the past two years after the Planning and Zoning Commission voted in favor of it previously. The county commissioners voted to limit the timeframe of the CUP because of public input received. The testimony previously asked them to limit the timeframe of the CUP and to have it reevaluated in the future. It would be through the appeals process that the commissioners would put the two-year term on the permit.

Addy Jo Jackman provided the staff report on the request for a new CUP including the information discovered from the traffic study that was requested in order to verify the safety and impact of the dance studio. According to the results of the eight-day study, the traffic did increase in the area near the dance studio located at 26 N 470 W in a light manufacturing zone.

The request was met with some opposition from neighbors in the area who are concerned that the increase in traffic will cause a safety issue. The traffic study helped refute this concern showing that 85% of the traffic stays at or under the posted 35 mile per hour speed limit and sees only major traffic increases during the primary commuting hours of the day.

Following the testimony from those who wished to speak, the commission turned to their discussion. They asked a few questions of the applicants before voting unanimously in favor of the applicant. The request will now go to the commissioners for final approval.

The second item on the agenda would not take as much time as the first with a request for a CUP for a new sign at Fast Stop. Lytle Signs represented the applicant and addressed the fact that the sign would be just over 54 square feet when erected and will be internally illuminated. Following the staff report from Jackman, the commission opened the floor for public comment. There would be little to no public comment, leading to yet another unanimous vote in favor.

The third item on the agenda would result in a vote in favor for the applicant, but commissioner Carroll felt that he should abstain from voting after addressing that he believed that there should be a requirement for the potential connection to a public sewer system rather than multiple septic tanks. That concern alone was enough for him to abstain from the vote, leaving the vote to be all in favor except for him. The Furniss Family Trust requested a rezone from Agriculture to Residential Agriculture with plans of subdividing the property for future development. The land is close to adjacent parcels that are already zoned RA, meaning that it would not be spot zoning to pass the applicant’s request.

The other agenda items will be posted in another article in a later edition of the Bingham News Chronicle.

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