BLACKFOOT – The Blackfoot Planning and Zoning Commission will meet on Tuesday evening in the city council chambers to cover a larger-than-normal agenda. The commission recently elected a new chairman and vice chair, and this will be their second meeting formally in those positions. They will cover three different requests from residents for zone changes or conditional use permits, as well as complete the Zoning Code Amendments they have been working through during the past few months.

The first item on the agenda is a Conditional Use Permit request by the Wood family regarding a kennel license application request for their property on Harbor Drive. A kennel license is required for those who either will be exceeding the ordinance for maximum number of pets allowed on a property or for those who wish to either kennel or breed dogs. Normally, breeds request a kennel permit because they will have more than one female that they breed for puppies to sell. The request will be formally presented to the commission on Tuesday.

Next on the agenda is a request for a zone change by Russell Robison for property on East Court Street. The request would change the area that is zoned R-1 (low density residential) to R-3 (high density residential). The request will be subject to public hearing, providing members of the public the opportunity to speak for, neutral, or against the request.

Splitting the zone change requests will be the next stages of the Zoning Code Amendments. In the most recent meeting of the commission, Chairman Ron Ramirez verified with the other members of the board that they would be able to complete the reading and make the notes they would need to formally discuss the potential changes during the next meeting. Each member of the commission affirmed they would be able to complete this reading before their next scheduled meeting.

Some of the areas they will be focusing on during this next stage of the revisions are commercial nomenclature, industrial, as well as those that are a mixture between different types of uses in an area. In addition to reevaluating the current zones, the commission will address the previously suggested PRO Zone which has not formally been adopted because of these changes and the previous changes in last month’s meeting. Each of these items will be presented and discussed before any formal adaptations are created or adopted.

Other items on the agenda include the Impact Area Agreement between the City of Blackfoot and Bingham County. The agreement has not been completed at this point, but they are working closer toward an agreement, and are discussing the idea of holding a joint meeting between the two commissions to start a dialogue regarding what each entity would appreciate or require. An Area of Impact Agreement would be more prescriptive than descriptive, creating a visual idea of where growth is currently, where it is expected, and will ensure that the infrastructure necessary is available to those who could eventually become a city resident following possible future annexation.

The final request by a member of the community that will be discussed is a zone change request by Steven and Katrina Elliot on Pendlebury Lane. This item has been on the agenda in the past, but was withdrawn before presented or discussed. The Elliots are requesting a zone change from R-1 to R1-R (rural ranchette).

These requests generally are made for those who would like to utilize their rights to having animals in city limits and meets certain criteria including lot size and location.

The Planning and Zoning meeting will be visible via Zoom. Those who wish to participate or provide testimony may need to contact City Hall at (208)785-8600. The link to the meeting can be found on the agenda posted on the city of Blackfoot website,