BLACKFOOT – Following a series of difficult meetings — including two different planned unit developments (PUD), rezones, and developing a signing district — the Blackfoot Planning and Zoning (P&Z) felt it would be best to formally adopt certain rules in efforts to prevent any out-of-control moments and out-of-turn speaking.

Commissioner Ron Ramirez requested that the item be placed on the agenda for their work meeting so that as they continue through their future agendas together, the process will be more streamlined and easier to follow.

Ramirez took it upon himself to pull certain rules out of Robert’s Rules of Order which covers nearly all forms of public meetings, and put together a much more condensed version of the rules he felt would best suit the commission. Instead of asking each of the members to read the manuscript, Ramirez copied rules as well as modified one in efforts to provide his counterparts with what he felt would be appropriate for the commission.

Commissioner Dine Smith spoke up first after Ramirez presented his idea and said that after participating in the meetings with them through Zoom on a few different occasions, he feels this is a must and requested that each of his fellow commissioners take the time to watch some of the recordings of the past meetings so that they can see how they have been acting.

Commissioner Debbie Barlow did not feel it was necessary for them to see how they had been acting, but did provide some information to the group regarding her input on the subject matter. She explained that she understands the reasoning for watching themselves, but feels time would be better spent focusing on what is coming into play in the next few months.

Commissioners Joanne Thomas and Rocky Mouldenhauer also expressed interest in creating a more uniform policy that is easy to follow and enforce and allows decorum during a meeting. Chairperson Marilyn Jefferis expressed interest as well, and believes that it will help the P&Z down the line. Furthermore, she also explained that she has tried to follow Robert’s Rules in the past, but now that the commission is to formally adopt them, it should be easier for them to conduct the meeting accordingly.

The P&Z voted to pass the rules unanimously and will begin using these rules to conduct their meetings at their next meeting. If there are any questions or concerns, contact Kurt Hibbert or Donna Parkinson at City Hall.