BOSS Meeting with Superintendent Kress

Blackfoot School District Superintendent Brian Kress introduced the district’s online schooling system named BOSS on Monday evening.

BLACKFOOT – Blackfoot School District Superintendent Brian Kress hosted a Zoom meeting for parents and educators interested in hearing about the new online school system for the upcoming school year.

Blackfoot Online School Solution (BOSS) is the new system that will be released for the parents to utilize if they do not want their students in the classroom this fall.

Kress made it a point to explain that they will be using local instructors to be the online instructors. The program will be available for all ages, from kindergarten through grade 12. The online classes will be run at the same time during the day as if they were in the classroom.

They will be in an interactive setting where the instructor can interact with the students. It will not be a video for the parents and the students to watch and then go forward. However, the parents of those students that do take part in the BOSS program will need to be prepared to work alongside the teachers in efforts to ensure that the education process works efficiently.

The program will take place for the entire school year, and will be taught in blocks.

The blocks will last six weeks and at this point, the students will be allowed to change from online and in classroom at these intervals if decided.

“The offerings will be more, and better, than what was offered this past spring,” Kress said.

Secondary students will have their own program of BOSS, but Kress said the district understands that there are specific challenges that will need to be tackled through an online program. Because teachers are more specialized at the secondary level, the incorporation of more instructors will be needed to make the program work more efficiently.

The instruction for the core classes will be taught by a local certified secondary instructor that works in the Blackfoot School District. They will be teaching the core classes, social studies, science, math, reading, and English. The district will also be offering different elective classes through the Idaho Digital Learning Alliance, IDLA. These elective classes may have different courses available that may not be offered in the traditional brick and mortal school system.

The district will be offering a written schedule of when the classes will be offered as well as the option for videos of each course for the students if they are absent from in class or online due to illness or other reasons. The goal for BOSS is to keep the funding in the district to keep the employees working and to offer an education program that works for all parents and students.

The program will be available for all students in the Blackfoot School District as well as those wishing to transfer to the district. More information will be available for the parents in the days to come. Any questions can be emailed to and Kress will respond as soon as he can. He acknowledged that there is still a lot to do, and not all answers are available. Emails have been sent out to the parents with a survey as well as if you are interested in your students participating in the BOSS program.

The entire presentation is available on Facebook at the Blackfoot School District 55 page.