BLACKFOOT – Bingham County commissioners affirmed three different items that were recommended to them from the Planning and Zoning Commission from their May and June meetings. The first would be the affirmation of the Adams Country Acres subdivision then two rezones, one from Agricultural to Residential Agriculture and the other from Agricultural to C2 Heavy Commercial.

The commissioners quickly approved Adams Country Acres and moved on to the rezone applications. First was the application by Kaleb and Lisa Phelps along with Eric and Kathryn Bolander. The parcel, although marked as Agricultural, was not easily farmed because of the shape of the piece. They contended that it would be better served as an RA zone with hopes of future building on the property. Furthering their claims would be the fact that they had little access to irrigation water to properly manage the ground if it were used for farming.

In a previous meeting with Planning and Development Director Tiffany Olsen, the commissioners approved a rezone for the Phelps and Bolanders. The commissioners agreed that the land would not be easily farmed and see it as a prime opportunity for growth with development.

They voted during that hearing to approve the rezone. The rezone followed a Conditional Use Permit by Kaleb Phelps that requested the transfer of division rights to the property in preparation for potential development. Division rights transfers are needed when doing subdivisions and must be transferred from an original parcel to another original parcel.

The final item they covered was the rezone for Kyle and Amy Benson. The Bensons requested a rezone from Agricultural to C2 Heavy Commercial to fulfill a need they see in the community with viable RV and boat storage. The P&Z board had quite a few questions during their meeting before they approved the request and escalated it to the county commissioners. Some of the questions involved security as well as ease of access into the storage location.

The Bensons had provided testimony that there is plenty of space to pull off of Highway 91 before reaching the gate. They planned this so they would not take the chance of hindering traffic with their patrons. The P&Z commissioners felt they were offering a good service to the community and voted in favor of the rezone. The county commissioners affirmed their decisions following their discussion on the topic.

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