BLACKFOOT – Bingham County commissioners met with Planning and Development Director Tiffany Olsen alongside the representative for the applicant to discuss and decide on a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning commission regarding a possible subdivision of more than 27 acres into 13 lots.

Olsen provided the staff report to the commissioners similar to what they do for the planning and zoning commission along with all input from members of the public in order to provide the most in-depth information surrounding the possible Silver Leaf subdivision. In her staff report, she noted that there would be 13 lots total, but only 12 will be developed. Olsen noted all comments from entities that provided input including questions regarding the septic system and the suggestion to connect to a municipal or community system if at all possible.

Commissioner Jessica Lewis and Commissioner Mark Bair opened the meeting for public input but did not receive any. They then moved into their discussion regarding the subdivision and asked questions about a community well versus individual wells and why they would prefer to be on septic versus connecting to the city system. It was explained that besides only drilling one well, the community well requires a permanent operator for it that must be certified to run it and would require a Homeowner’s Association or other governing body to oversee it.

With the idea of a communal well, they would also be required to group fund any repairs to the well if and when the need arises. Other information provided in response included the cost of connecting to sewer service in the area in comparison to the purchase and installation of a septic system and the Department of Environmental Quality did not suggest that it be prevented from being approved because the area is not in a nitrate study area.


The Bingham Planning and Zoning Commission will meet on Wednesday, April 14, to tackle their four Conditional Use Permit (CUP) items on the agenda. Olsen said they will hopefully be holding their work meeting surrounding the Area of Impact Agreement (AIA) with the city of Blackfoot in May, which was originally planned to take place in March.

Bair asked Olsen about how the Blackfoot P&Z meeting went surrounding the AIA and if they had seen as much opposition as the county has. Olsen attended the Blackfoot P&Z meeting when they voted in favor of adopting the AIA with Bingham County as presented, barring no other changes were made to it that would be considered substantial. Blackfoot hoped to have the recommendation in front of the city council on April 6, but because the county had canceled their meeting, the agreement is not final between the two entities.

Once the discussion was finished regarding the AIA, Olsen then addressed the moving of the Planning and Zoning office to the newly acquired Manwaring buiiding, which will be known as the Bingham County Courthouse Annex. The P&Z department will be moving into the new building to alleviate some growing pains, but the office needs new flooring and paint before they can move into it. Olsen said they had received suggestions, but two of them did not hold the required licenses to work on government property. They will have Blackfoot Paint and Glass handle the work in their office and will be starting the project as soon as possible.