BLACKFOOT – The Rose Road bridge is in need of some repair and will be getting that care later this year. Earlier this year, it was reported that the bridge had some deck damage that needed to be repaired before it became a bigger problem for the county and commuters.

Bingham County commissioners reviewed the bids that came in after a request for bid and qualifications had been published. Based on the information, only one bid made the deadline and that was from Cannon Builders. The bid will still have to undergo an official acceptance process from the county, but should be named the winner barring any disqualifying information.

Cannon Builders plans to do the bridge in sections, allowing traffic to utilize the bridge in an effort to not redirect all traffic unless absolutely necessary. Although original concerns about the cost of the use of two mobile stop signals was discussed, the $20,000 cost mark would not become a deterrent for those involved for the sheer convenience of the citizens of the community.

The Rose Road bridge deck had spots of deterioration that called for immediate response from the county Road and Bridge department which sent a work crew out to apply a patch job to get through the summer months. After the patch job had been completed, the county contracted with an engineering firm to provide a core sample test of the bridge to determine exactly how much of the deck had deteriorated. The sample came up as rubble and had to be placed in a plastic bag because a complete, solid sample could not be obtained in the area assumed to have the most damage.

Due to the damage, the county made plans for a formidable overhaul of the bridge, expecting that up to four inches of the eight-inch deck would need to be replaced in certain sections, including all new rebar. Rebar is used as a strengthener for the concrete because it gives it something to be able to bond with. The interwoven bars help with stability as well.

Cannon Builders will be required to have a barge placed under the bridge where they will be working in efforts to catch any refuse from the project to keep it from falling into the Snake River. The official awarding of the bid took place during a commissioners’ meeting with road and bridge supervisor Dusty Whited.

The Rose Road bridge will be limited to one lane of traffic from Oct. 15 to Jan. 5. They will have stop signals set up in efforts to prevent any collisions.