BLACKFOOT – Bingham County commissioners met earlier this week for demonstrations regarding different web services that are offered and sparked a discussion about the possibility of exploring options for a new website.

In an ever-evolving digital world, having a working and easy-to-navigate website is important for any business or government entity to ensure that people are able to navigate with ease.

Local businesses and organizations have had to learn the power of using different techniques and systems to share information with the public and this has been a trial by fire for many with the forced changes due to COVID-19. Sheriff Craig Rowland and Chief Deputy Jeff Gardner spent part of Wednesday asking the commissioners about the potential changes to the website and wanted to know how they planned to have the information uploaded to the site once it is changed, if it is.

Commissioner Jessica Lewis suggested that each department have someone that would be able to add their specific information to the website and Commissioner Mark Bair agreed. Currently, Rowland has one employee handling the majority of the website interaction for his department and went so far as to explain that she is capable of doing more, but does not want to overwhelm her with extra duties and instead wanted to offer her the opportunity to work on the website around her schedule.


The commissioners discussed a post-COVID world with Rowland and what it would look like to hold public meetings. Rowland asked if they would continue to broadcast the meetings for the public to which Lewis said she does not believe they will go back to holding meetings that are not publicly streamed because of the amount of community involvement that has been able to take place. Furthermore, the streamed meetings provide every governmental entity that ability to remain transparent to those who elected them and provides a video and audio record of what was discussed and voted upon during any given meeting.

Both Blackfoot and Bingham County have made it a point to live stream their meetings along with the Blackfoot School Board and the Shelley School Board so those who wish to be informed have the ability to do so without any concerns of leaving the comfort of their own home. During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in southeastern Idaho, nearly every meeting was held in this format which Gov. Brad Little noted was legal under the circumstances and recommended that anyone who wished to conduct public business adhere to the guidelines set forth by his office. In his order, he made it a point to suggest that they post the links to the meeting — whether it be on Zoom or any other online platform — helping pave the path of moving Idaho into the technological world.

For those who wish to keep up-to-date with what the Bingham County commissioners are up to, visit the Bingham County website and navigate to the County Commissioners tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Once on their landing page for the commissioners, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Commissioners’ agenda to see what they will be tackling next. Lindsey Dalley, the commissioners’ assistant, posts a link to their Zoom meeting for each day on the agenda allowing people to do a one-click access to the meeting.

If other accommodations are needed, contacting Lindsey would be the best way to get all other options for Bingham County.

Blackfoot also posts the link to each meeting at the top of their agendas which are published online on the City of Blackfoot website under the meetings/agenda button on the bottom. Click the meetings/agenda button and navigate to the specific date and meeting that you are looking for, click on it, then click the link at the top of the page. Once clicked, it will take you to the meeting that you are trying to attend.