BLACKFOOT – Three applications for subdivisions in Bingham County will go to the county commissioners with recommendations for approval from the county planning and zoning board following public hearings Wednesday night.

Three people testified in opposition to the three-lot Bond Estates Subdivision on 5.4 acres at the corner of West Bond and North Parsons roads northeast of Groveland. The opposition centered primarily around water use, with two of the three saying the five water shares that come with the lots cannot provide sufficient irrigation water for the new homes that will be built there.

They feared also that it would affect their own water delivery, noting that people who move into subdivisions in the country are responsible for maintaining the irrigation ditches that cross their property to provide water for people downstream, but most often don’t do it.

Clayton Howell said he has concerns about people moving out into the countryside and interfering with agricultural uses of irrigation water. He leases 32 acres of farm pasture adjacent to the subject property, and it’s a struggle to irrigate it with his water shares. He also said the most recent subdivision that went in dropped the water table so much the culinary well of one landowner had to be deepened.

In rebuttal, Chris Street, who represented the property owners, said the proposed subdivision has seven water shares.

Board member David Tanner made the motion to recommend approval, Glenn Anderson seconded and it passed with only Quinn Twiggs opposed.

No one provided testimony in opposition to the 27.74-acre Rulon Estates Subdivision on Goshen Road and it was recommended for approval with Twiggs voting no. David McKinnon made the motion to recommend approval and Chris Pratt seconded.

Twiggs said he was concerned about the amount of viable farming land that is going out of production, but McKinnon said the owner no longer grows potatoes due to low prices.

The final subdivision recommended for approval was the two-lot Hacienda Moran on Thomas Road, owned by Daniel and Corina Moran.

It came with an application for a zone change from Agriculture to Residential/Agriculture on the 2.55-acre site. The board was told the owners didn’t want to make money off the property; they plan to put a home for a family member on the site.

There was no opposition testimony, and the motion to recommend approval for the subdivision passed. The zone change was also approved, with board member Chris Pratt voting no.

Twiggs recused himself from the discussion and vote because of an interest in the adjoining property.

Bond Estates will go before the county commissioners for hearing on April 16 at 2 p.m., Rulon Estates on April 15 at 10 a.m., and Moran on April 17 at 10 .m.

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