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BLACKFOOT – The Bingham County Planning and Zoning Commission has six new items on the agenda for its Nov. 13 meeting — two requests for a Conditional Use Permit, one subdivision request, two amended subdivision plat requests, and a request for a variance and Conditional Use Permit.

Cody Hawker is requesting a CUP that would enable his family to use an existing personal motocross track on five acres of his property at 1105 N. 1290 E., in a Natural Resources/Agriculture Zone.

Alice Anderson is requesting a CUP to operate a yoga and fitness center in an existing building in a Light Manufacturing Zone at approximately 26 N., 470 W.

Sarah Jackson is applying for a 15-foot variance to the county’s 70-foot setback requirement from a major collector road for an existing shop building, and a CUP to operate a gymnastics studio in her shop, located in an Agriculture Zone at 440 S., 1200 W.

Layne and Rosalinda Elison will have a public hearing on an application to replat a two-lot subdivision on 4.91 acres in a Residential\Agriculture Zone at approximately 377 N., 460 W.

Chase Carter is requesting approval of a plat for a two-lot subdivision known as River Road Ranchette on a 10.11-acre parcel in the Pingree area. The proposed lots will be about five acres each and zoned Agriculture

Boyd and Hedy Bowman are proposing a replat of lots 21, and 22 of Block 4 in the Greenfield Acres Subdivision at approximately 1339 E, 1160 N, for residential use, with community water from the Greenfields Water Users Association.

Issuing a Conditional Use Permit is a P&Z board decision, while subdivision plat approval is a recommendation from the board to the county commissioners.

A hearing on an application from developer Scott Briscoe for a zone change from Residential to Light Commercial (C1) on 1.4 acres of land in the Teeples-Bergerson Riverview Acres Subdivision south of Highway 39 and west of Clark Road that was continued from the October meeting has been canceled due to the application being withdrawn.

Briscoe’s application said he planned to build a custom home consultation office and parking area for construction trailers at the location, but during the October hearing he asked that the zone change be from Residential (R) to Heavy Commercial (C2) instead of C1, which intensified opposition to the zone change and resulted in the hearing being continued to Nov. 13.

At the October hearing, the P&Z commissioners reviewed written submissions, a petition signed by 130 people opposed to the zone change, and listened to testimony from several people who were in opposition before a decision was postponed and the hearing continued.

Staff in the Planning and Zoning office said this week the application was withdrawn because the person from whom Briscoe was buying the land he wanted the zone change on had changed his mind about selling it.