County Officials sworn into office

From left to right: County Prosecutor Paul Rogers, County Commissioner Mark Bair, Sheriff Craig Rowland, Judge Darren Simpson, County Commissioner Whitney Manwaring. All were sworn into office on Monday, January 11.

BINGHAM COUNTY – Elected officials gathered in the Bingham County Courthouse to be sworn into office on Monday and the commissioners voted for their chairperson as per Idaho Code.

Being sworn into office were Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland, County Commissioner Mark Bair, County Commissioner Whitney Manwaring, Judge Darren Simpson, and County Prosecutor Paul Rogers.

Each of the elected officials took the oath to serve the people of Idaho and to protect the Idaho Constitution and U.S. Constitution.

That afternoon, the commissioners were required to establish a chairperson. County Clerk Pam Eckhardt requested that they conduct the decision through vote and county Civil Attorney Chase Hendricks affirmed the idea.

Commissioner Manwaring, former chair, opened the floor for a motion. Commissioner Bair made the motion to nominate Commissioner Jessica Lewis to be the chair, but without a second, the motion died on the floor. Commissioner Lewis turned around and motioned that Commissioner Manwaring retain the seat, to which he seconded. The motion carried with all affirmative votes. Commissioner Whitney Manwaring will serve as the chairperson of the county commissioners for the next two years.