BLACKFOOT – Bingham County Commissioners discussed the option of selling different properties late Tuesday afternoon, including rental properties and the old Public Works shop located on Frontage Road.

As the commissioners made their way through the list of different properties that were flagged for potential sale, they discussed the pros and cons of doing so. Civil Attorney Chase Hendricks also added his legal advice on the topic, and questioned some of the timing for the desire of selling one of the properties.

Bingham County has acquired some property over the years and often rents it out at fair market value as a way to generate revenue — however, the county has decided it would be in its best interest to offer some of their properties for sale.

Previously, the discussion surrounding the former Road and Bridge shop across from Premier Technology has been rumored as a potential interest for Premier to acquire if the county was willing to part with it.

Premier Technology won the contract for the Small Nuclear Reactor (SNR) project for the Idaho National Laboratory, which will increase the need for office space for subcontractors as well as other employees added as the project continues to ramp up. The location is perfect for this, but may not be an easy transition.

Commissioner Whitney Manwaring also serves on the Blackfoot Urban Renewal Agency board which originally helped draw Premier Technology to Blackfoot by creating the Riverview District. Since BURA helped draw Premier to the area, the property value of that district has increased 10-fold and is projected to continue to increase in value.

Manwaring noted that BURA may be interested in helping orchestrate a sale of the shop, but felt that it would be in everyone’s best interest if more information was researched before making a decision on the process. Manwaring then asked Hendricks to do some research as well, including contacting BURA’s attorney, Garrett Sandow, who helped on the original acquisition of the property for Premier Technology. Hendricks stated that he believes that the properties are required to go to open auction, but between him and Manwaring they will explore the options extensively.

They will complete the discussion on the properties in a meeting next week and will schedule sale dates for the future, pending the completion of lease agreements.