BLACKFOOT – Bingham County commissioners last week voted to make an offer on the Manwaring LLC building adjacent to the county courthouse that would provide them with extended office space for continued growth of the different departments provided by the county.

The building currently has some of the space leased — the county plans to allow those tenants to continue their contracts — and the other officers will be available for use by different county departments.

Commissioner Whitney Manwaring had previously verified with civil attorney Chase Hendricks that due to the distance of the relationship between himself and the seller, there is no conflict of interest. He reiterated this during the most recent meeting and allowed Hendricks to speak regarding the subject matter and guide them through the different requirements and recommendations. Hendricks suggested the county hire a certified inspector to look over the property before the sale is final in case anything needs to be addressed in the contract period.

Inspection of a property is an important part of the buying process because it provides the prospective buyer the opportunity to discover potential costly repairs or dangers that could stem from negligence or lack of knowing that an issue had come up. Inspections are often required by the mortgage holder to ensure that their investment in the property is worth the return in case of default.

The commissioners approved the documents Tuesday for the inspection as well as proceeding forward to be under contract on the property. The asking amount of $335,000 was offered by the county.