BLACKFOOT – The demolition derby, one of the highlights of the Eastern Idaho State Fair every year, brought the curtain down on the 2021 fair with record numbers in attendance and a bevy of cars and trucks of every size and color as they all tried to be the last one standing.

Ramming and bashing was the way to go as most found success by pushing an opponent up and onto the barriers that created the course for the Derby.

There wasn’t anyone who could escape the wrath of an opponent who hid behind another car, only to make a concerted run at them and knock them out of the race.

It happened time and time again and when they left a car on top top of the barrier, they became free game for any other car that was still running.

It was ruthless, loud and smoke and fire was bellowing out of the cars as they were eliminated one by one, often leaving the drivers stuck inside as someone else would take dead aim on them as they were sitting ducks.

The more bashing and destroying of cars the better, and the crowed screamed and shouted their encouragement as the night went along.

The loud cars and even louder announcer only seemed to get the audience more fired up and when the first crash occurred, the fans went nuts and screamed their support for more and more and they got what they wished for in a night filled with noise. That is the only way to explain it, it was loud, then louder and then even louder as everyone there was screaming at the top of their lungs and it went on for hours.

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