Movie Review - Doctor Sleep - poster

“Doctor Sleep” in theaters now.

In 1974, author Stephen King began what has become a very prolific and profitable career as a writer. That beginning started with the novel “Carrie” and was quickly followed by “Salem’s Lot” and then “The Shining.”

“The Shining” was also the third novel that was made into a move based upon King’s novels and it drew a star-studded cast led by Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall and Scatman Crothers.

While the movie couldn’t quite match the novel, where a haunted hotel, “The Outlook,” was the location and home to a group of — for lack of a better term — evil hauntings, it also showed that we in America would embrace and flock to the theater to watch a good scary movie.

“Carrie” started the King genre and he has followed up with a novel or two nearly every year since then.

“The Shining” has spawned a sequel, and although it comes roughly 36 years after the initial foray into the Outlook Hotel, it is about Danny Torrance, the young star of “The Shining.”

As we fast forward, Danny is an alcoholic adult with more demons than he can handle, but when he is approached by a young woman who can also “shine,” he feels compelled to try and help her.

The “evil hauntings” in “Doctor Sleep,” the newest film based upon a King novel in theaters around the world now, does a very solid job of following up “The Shining,” despite the lapse in time between the two films.

The adult Danny Torrance is contacted through psychic means by Abra, the young woman who is being sought by Rose the Hat and her group of cronies. Rose and her crew are seeking out those who have the ability to “shine,” sucking the life out of their bodies as they are “sacrificed” for the betterment of the group. As the power is shared between the group, the effect doesn’t last for long and stronger candidates who “shine” are continually sought out. Abra appears to be the strongest of them all and Rose is set upon having her in order to save her group.

Torrance and Abra set about defeating Rose and her group and the trek takes them to the old Outlook Hotel and enlisting the group of evil hauntings that inhabit the old hotel in defeating Rose.

The sequel does a fine job of following the plot of “The Shining” and could stand alone on its own merits.

There are some scenes that are too much for younger children, but “Doctor Sleep” does justice to the original and follows a set plot very well.

While I am not a big horror movie fan and don’t follow the slash and massacre genre much, this movie was well done and if you are into those types of films, you would enjoy the movie and it will soon find itself on your shelf of your favorite DVD collection.