FIRTH – If you have followed sports at all over the past few years, you will have heard about the prowess of the Firth High School volleyball program. They are pretty special, so special that they have taken different combinations of young ladies and won. They just win, no matter what.

They have had teams that were comprised of three sets of sisters. They have had teams where there were no relatives at all. They have had teams that they built from scratch and all they ever seem to do is win.

They have won six Nuclear Conference and the subsequent district tournaments to earn a spot in the state volleyball championships in the past seven years.

This group of young ladies enjoy success mainly because they are more than just athletes that are winners.

They are winners in every sense of the word.

Evidence of that is what the young ladies have chosen to take upon themselves, even though they are in the midst of a run that is unprecedented.

This year, the Lady Cougars have not lost a game in Nuclear Conference play. They have three matches remaining before they enter the district tournament, which is enough pressure, or at least you would think so.

Not for this group of young women, they want more and they are undertaking something that will show they are champions beyond any definition of the word.

In November 2018, a young Firth resident named Jaxon Jolley was diagnosed with aplastic anemia.

Jaxon was lucky, the doctors found a bone marrow donor and it just happened to be his brother Zak. Jaxon received a bone marrow transplant in July of this year. In the meantime, Jaxon has been spending a lot of time at and near Primary Children’s Hospital undergoing treatment.

The good news is that he will be coming home to Firth near the end of October.

There has been a tremendous turnout of support in Firth and the high school volleyball program is a part of it.

For their two games this week, the members of the team are soliciting pledges to help raise money to help offset the tremendous cost of the hospital bills that have been incurred by Jaxon’s family during this ordeal.

For each jump that occurs in the volleyball games today and Thursday, money will be pledged to help with this fundraiser.

The volleyball team is not the only youth group that is supporting this cause as a jumpathon is going on as well. The grade school kids are working hard gathering pledges and their part of the Jump4Jaxon program will be doing 100 jumping jacks. They are not alone as the fifth- and sixth-graders are going to jump 500 times with a jump rope. The seventh- and eighth-graders, not to be outdone, have guaranteed that they would do 1,000 jumps on the rope with all of the pledged money going to help offset some of the bills for the Jolley family.

The volleyball team is going to have counters available to count the jumps made during their games today and again on Thursday and Thursday is the important Senior Night for the ladies. Somehow, participation in this event is more important.

This event is taking place during National Cancer Awareness Month.