THOMAS – Concerned citizens took photos of one of the county bridges west of Blackfoot after they saw someone had spray painted sayings on the bridge walls late last week.

Both sides of the bridge crossing the canals had new sayings painted on them. The concerned citizen posted pictures on the Life in Blackfoot page on Facebook in efforts to find out who they would contact to have the graffiti painted over or removed.

County Deputy Drew Lusk responded to the comment saying that normally they would have work crews from the jail handle the cleanup of graffiti, but due to COVID-19 concerns, all work crews have been suspended until further notice. He did comment that it may be possible to find volunteers to handle the task and that the county would cover the paint.

The two sayings that are present are not any known gang tag, and even one comment thought that it was a phrase of hope or overcoming. “Young & Alive 2020 LW” is posted on one side of the bridge and on the other side is “Duende 2020” which translates to “elf, goblin, or leprechaun” from Spanish according to Google Translate. Around the second are other markings that are not visually appealing, and added to the reason for reporting the graffiti.

Commissioner Whitney Manwaring asked Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland if they had plans on removing it and he explained that it will be handled regardless of not being able to utilize the work crews. He did not say if they already had volunteers lined up or if he was going to ask officers to handle it.

If interested in volunteering, please contact the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office and they will be able to direct you to the right person.