Smoothie search

Five locally made smoothies from (left to right) Paisley Cakes, XII Stones, Java Express, Wake Up Call, and Mudslingers were compared side by side by an author needing a smoothie fix.

BLACKFOOT — My lovely wife has been making me jealous lately.

Not for any particularly bad reason, unless needing a smoothie fix is considered a bad reason.

My wife and I got into a small habit from our days living in Utah, but it was a healthy enough habit. We’d find any opportunity to go to the nearest Roxberry Juice store and get some smoothies.

She’d go for the hard-core healthy stuff — the “cleanses.” Like “Hardcore Green” with kale, spinach, parsley, celery, cucumber, apple, ginger, and lemon; or “Heart Beet” with beets, carrots, apple, lemon, and chia seeds.

Occasionally she’d go for the fruity smoothies, but mostly it was the “cleanse” type stuff.

As for me, I kept it simple. Roxberry used to have an orange flavored smoothie that tasted just like an orange Creamsicle, made with all healthy ingredients and real fruit, which I loved. But I developed more of a habit for their “Raspberry Rush,” containing nothing but raspberry juice, raspberries, strawberries, and raspberry sherbet.

It was easy to tell their smoothies were made with all natural ingredients. I actually enjoyed having to work the tiny seeds out of my teeth, and I usually didn’t make it through a large styrofoam cup of a raspberry smoothie without having to unplug my straw because a chunk of raspberry got stuck at least a time or two.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those.

My wife has been teaching music lessons in Utah every week on Thursdays, driving all the way from Blackfoot to do it, staying overnight, and coming home the next day. I’m seeing from our bank transactions that she’s been able to get back into that same Roxberry habit.

Call me jealous.

So on Monday, I made the rounds for the first time to most of the places in Blackfoot that serve smoothies, just to satisfy that need deep down inside. I had it all planned out, picking up a small smoothie each place I went to, planning my route to keep a “smoothie meltdown” from being too catastrophic on the way to the office.

I can say that Blackfoot is well-served in the smoothie department, each of them are refreshing and quite capable of giving a brain freeze, but here’s my breakdown.


One advantage their raspberry smoothie had over the others came in cup size. For a small sized drink, the quantity towered over the others. It was a “beyond-the-rim” smoothie. But I wanted to see how many local smoothie makers left me getting those real fruit seeds out of my teeth. Paisley Cakes had raspberry-flavored syrup.

XII Stones

I have a fondness for XII Stones. For a few months, it was one of my “offices outside of an office” with its free WiFi along with the Blackfoot Public Library and McDonald’s. I’ve always enjoyed their coffee and their food, especially their breakfast burritos. I’d never tried a smoothie there, or anywhere in Blackfoot for that matter, until Monday, and owner Angela Clark gave me a warm greeting when she saw me Monday. I was surprised to see that they didn’t have raspberry smoothies. I went for a “Very Cherry” instead. It too was made with syrup. It was definitely tart, a good brain-freezer.

Java Express

In seeking recommendations on Facebook, this was the place that was mentioned the most for smoothies. I’d had their coffee before and loved it, but I was on a “smoothie mission” this time.

Much like Roxberry, Java Express had a few different choices when it came to smoothies with raspberry flavor. I went with the “Razzleberry,” with raspberry juice, raspberries, and strawberries. Its description of being packed full of fresh fruit raspberries and strawberries was very accurate. From the first taste to the last, I was getting those little seeds in my teeth like I was looking for. The taste wasn’t quite the same as Roxberry’s, a bit of raspberry sherbet might have brought it closer, but the texture was much the same. I’d found a pretty close match.

Wake Up Call

Their reputation is outstanding, as are all the others here. They did offer a bit of whipped cream on top, which gave it a nice, sweet, milky taste. Again, more syrup.


Again, outstanding reputation. Again, they offered to top it off with whipped cream, something I hadn’t had before in a raspberry smoothie. It’s an enjoyable addition. Again, more syrup.

My smoothie fix has been fed for now. All very refreshing. My taste test made for an enjoyable adventure.

Now, how about a coffee comparison? Yyyeah, I could go for that.