Kablooms Floral

Felecia Steed owns and operates Kablooms Floral at 733 S. Broadway in Blackfoot.

BLACKFOOT — Kablooms Floral is one of the newest floral shops in town, operating at 733 S Broadway St. in Blackfoot.

The store has been operating since September, according to owner Felicia Steed.

Steed said she was working at another flower shop in town before it closed up last year, and the job market wasn’t looking the greatest to her so she decided to open her own shop.

”The floral business was the only thing that I actually thought I could make a go of it with myself in Blackfoot,” she said.

Steed said she’s been doing floral arrangements for four years, being trained on the job. She is a Blackfoot native, graduating from Blackfoot High School. She earned a bachelors’ degree in business management and accounting from Stevens Henager College.

Steed said a lot of the money to get the business going came from her savings. Steed was a housewife before starting an outside career, and Kablooms was just going to be a hobby. Her husband, Troy, was working at Robison Roofing when he ran into a major medical issue, and her plan to make the floral business just a hobby changed suddenly.

”Business has been really good so far, that’s helping us to survive,” she said. “Troy was our one income, and now this has been our major income.”

Kablooms does floral arrangements, baskets, casket sprays, and basket plants.

”We do all occasions, pretty much any occasion you can think of,” Steed said.

The uniqueness in any business like Kablooms comes in the personal touch each business offers, she said.

”Everybody has their own twists on designs,” she added. “Once you build a clientele, you get a lot of return customers and referrals.”

Steed said she wanted to get into a business that wasn’t just going to go away suddenly.

”There will always be occasions people will want flowers for, so this seemed like a good fit,” she noted.

She said flower arranging wasn’t something she had thought about doing in her prior work experience before Kablooms, where she had been an accountant and bookkeeper.

”I was kind of pushed into it before, the person I was working for needed help arranging and asked me to do it,” Steed said. “I just take a look at pictures of arrangements and go from there. I work to get arrangements to what the customer desires.”

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