Kory Ray West

Kory Ray West

BLACKFOOT – Kory Ray West, the 34-year-old Blackfoot man charged with planting a spying device in the bathroom of the home he was staying at, waived preliminary hearing on four counts of video voyeurism and one count of burglary Thursday before Magistrate Judge Scott Hansen.

He was bound over to District Court and is scheduled to enter a plea to the charges before Judge Darren Simpson on Oct. 28. He was remanded to custody in lieu of $75,000 bail.

According to court records, West was allowed to stay in the basement of a Blackfoot home free of charge in exchange for doing maintenance work around the house. Residents of the house became suspicious when they found the door to his room locked and he refused to return and unlock it.

Records said they gained entry to the room on Sept. 15 and found the clothing, along with a laptop computer with a video showing various people using the bathroom, so they notified the Blackfoot Police Department.

After hearing their story, city detectives obtained a search warrant, and while carrying it out found a video camera in the bathroom smoke detector.

West was arrested on Sept. 25 in Bear Lake County.

The items found in his room included 45 pairs of female panties, 50-70 bras, leggings, dresses, a second laptop, several SIM cards and a large number of sex toys. Some of the clothing found belonged to a member of the household.