Kory Ray West

Kory Ray West

BLACKFOOT – Kory Ray West, the 34-year-old man accused of concealing a video camera in the bathroom of a Blackfoot home where he had been staying, and of stealing items of underclothing from bedrooms, could serve up to seven years in prison for his crimes.

West was sentenced Jan. 6 by 7th District Judge Darren Simpson to the Idaho State Penitentiary for a term of seven years for burglary, with three years fixed and four indeterminate, and five years with three fixed and two indeterminate for video voyeurism.

Simpson ordered the sentences to run concurrently, meaning both will be served at the same time.

According to court records, West placed a video camera in the bathroom of the home, in which he’d been allowed to occupy a basement bedroom free of charge in exchange for performing maintenance work around the place, and recording what went on there.

His illicit activities were discovered after he left the home, where he’d been staying for the past year, leaving the door to his room locked and refusing to return and open it.

Residents of the home gained entry to the room and found numerous items of their underclothing there, along with a laptop computer with a video of one of them in the bathroom, and called the police. When detectives from the Blackfoot Police Department responded to the call and saw what was in West’s room, they obtained a search warrant for the house and ultimately found the video camera hidden in a smoke detector in the bathroom.

They also found other evidence that included 45 pairs of women’s and young girls’ panties — some that had been altered to fit a male — 50-70 bras, women’s leggings, several SIM cards, a second laptop, a large number of sex toys, and a nerve stimulator called a TENS Unit.

West fled and was arrested the following week in Bear Lake County.

Charges against him originally included three additional counts of video voyeurism, plus the sentencing enhancement charge of being a persistent violator, the latter of which would have mandated adding more years to his sentences.