Rose Ponds sign

Signs all along the pathway at the Rose Ponds advising against motorized vehicles on the walkway/bike path are increasingly ignored, as was the case over the Easter weekend with warm weather bringing many outdoor enthusiasts.

BLACKFOOT – Between investigation of a church that was vandalized and trips to the Rose Ponds in two days for two separate incidents, law enforcement officials were kept busy over the Easter weekend.

The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office is seeking help from the public regarding information leading to the arrest of a suspect that vandalized a church in the Moreland area on April 2 late in the evening or April 3 early in the morning.

The vandalism was reported to have defaced the front of the building. Anyone with any information is asked to contact dispatch at (208) 785-1234 or contact Detective Travis Mayne to report any knowledge of the vandalism.

This is the second report of vandalism involving public property in the Greater Blackfoot area, with vandalism to the restrooms and shelter at Jensen Grove and now the church in Moreland.

The holiday weekend along with warm weather brought a lot of activity to the Rose Ponds a few miles southwest of Blackfoot.

Late Saturday afternoon, an ambulance was sent out to the ponds after an injury accident near the walking path involving a motorcycle. Witness accounts said a motorcycle rider had to avoid a four-wheeler being operated by a juvenile on the pathway and suffered serious injuries.

Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland said his office got several calls both Saturday and Sunday about vehicles being operated on the pathway at the ponds, which is also used heavily by people out for a walk or riding bicycles.

It is a misdemeanor to operate motorized vehicles on the bike path/walkway, punishable by imprisonment in the county jail or by a fine up to $300. There are many signs posted along the pathway warning against operating motorized vehicles on the pathway at the ponds.

An ambulance along with sheriff’s vehicles also responded to the pond area late Sunday afternoon. Rowland said there was a fight in the area and the ambulance transported one female but it had nothing to do with the fight.