Governor Brad Little holds press conference

Gov. Brad Little held a press conference on Tuesday regarding the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

BOISE – Gov. Brad Little held a short press conference on Tuesday to share new information surrounding the coronavirus vaccine and its distribution in Idaho.

He started by saying that the state does not hold any of the doses of the vaccine and they are shipped to the local health districts and facilities that have enrolled into being allowed into administering it. Across the state there are only 207 locations that can administer the vaccine.

Gov. Little stated, “The challenges are not getting the vaccines to the loading docks, but to the patients,” referring to how many have been shipped across the state versus how many had already been administered. Gov. Little then announced that the vaccine committee decided to make changes to who would be next in line for the new flights of vaccines as the month goes on. The first adjustment is to the age group of 65 and older. Those 65 and older will be able to receive their vaccine as soon as Feb. 1; other front line workers and teachers will be able to receive their vaccine before the end of January. Gov. Little expressed that the need to protect these demographics should be self-evident as Idaho has a high rate of elderly residents.

Both vaccines — from Pfizer and Moderna — have shown high success rates in their respective trials with an average success rate of nearly 95%. Note that even if the vaccine has been received by oneself or those immediately surrounding, there is not enough evidence at this time to note that the use of the vaccine will protect those from contracting or spreading the virus. Because of the lack of evidence, it is still suggested to follow mitigating standards and wearing face coverings.

For more information about the vaccine and the numbers of vaccines available in the local health district, the state will be updating the COVID website with these numbers. They will have the numbers of how many have been administered and how many are still to be administered.

Gov. Little ended the press conference without answering any questions from the media.