Snake River's McBride is Drama Teacher of the Year

Jana McBride of Snake River was awarded Idaho Drama Teacher of the Year last week.

THOMAS – Jana McBride has been teaching drama at Snake River High School for nearly five years. Now she has been named Idaho’s Drama Teacher of the Year.

She started as a substitute teacher and began working with the drama students while she was there. That led to an offer of a full-time position and after securing her teaching certificate, she has been the full-time drama instructor.

“The award was a bit of surprise,” McBride said. “I knew that I had been nominated, but there were five other teachers that were nominated as well, so there was some competition.”

Each district in the area nominated teachers in drama, speech, and debate, and then each nominee had someone who extolled the virtues of their selected candidate. Teachers of the year were awarded in each of those three categories.

“I think that I just got lucky and got the best speaker to speak on my behalf,” McBride said. “I don’t know where he got all of those nice things to say about me.”

If you remember the last two plays that have been presented at Snake River High School, “The Little Mermaid” in 2018 with Taite Baldwin in the lead role, and “Beauty and the Beast,” where Baldwin nearly stole the show in a supporting role, you can understand how McBride won her award.

She was the person who not only directed the two productions, but also selected the right students and put them in the roles that were best suited to the talents of the students.

“I have had such great students to work with and that is the biggest thing,” McBride said. “Getting the right part in the hands of the right student and letting them roll with it. I have been blessed with great talent to work with.”

With the talent that McBride has been able to assemble each year, it is no wonder that she was selected as the Drama Teacher of the Year for Idaho. If she continues on the road that she has been on, then this may be just the first of many such awards that will be coming her way.