Snake River Solace

Snake River Solace is located at 115 NW Main in Blackfoot.

BLACKFOOT — A new cannabidiol (CBD) store opened its doors in Blackfoot for the first time last week.

Snake River Solace is located at 115 NW Main and opened for business last Thursday. Owner/founder Cody Hellickson said the Blackfoot store is his company’s third location, with clients able to go to stores in Pocatello and Idaho Falls as well.

Hellickson said Snake River Solace was east Idaho’s first CBD oil company, opening its first location 2 1/2 years ago, making its own products. Two months ago they became the first in the state to have an in-house production facility, he added.

In the company’s website at, Hellickson said he started the company to show Idahoans and others that hemp CBD is a possible natural alternative to over 52 known conditions and increasing by the day, striving to provide pure and natural products with no THC formulated from pure industrial hemp cannibidiol.

“We’re making sure it’s safe and legal with no harmful ingredients,” Hellickson said. “Our main purpose is to have Idaho inside of an industry that exists elsewhere, and if anyone has concerns about the product we stand by it, if CBD works for you.”

He said he educates employees on the product for well over a month before letting them go on their own.

By mid-September or October, Hellickson is expecting to have a hemp museum in the Blackfoot store with over 450 pieces or exhibits.

“It will be highly in-depth as much as we can make it,” he added. He will ask for donations for the museum, with part of the donations going to Camp Hayden in Idaho Falls, a camp for individuals with special needs such as autism.

For the next three months, Hellickson said, he will buy laptops and donate as many as possible to children and schools who need them.

Historical exhibits in the museum would look at the beginning of hemp, how it was used for rope fiber, paper, and showing the difference between marijuana and industrial hemp, with a section on 113 different cannabinoids and a small theater showing “Hemp For Victory” and other small documentaries.

Education on the product is a big part of the business, Hellickson said. His website notes that it has been over 70 years since Americans were allowed to farm industrial hemp, which has been used by mankind for over 10,000 years in various forms, from textiles to the automotive industry as well as for re-purposing soil that has been radioactively contaminated.

The website says CBD has been shown to help in many areas from pain to mental relief, working with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

Hellickson is from Aberdeen and went to school in Blackfoot, graduating from Independence High School in 2004.

Hellickson says he has well over eight years in the industry, folding his knowledge of the industry into producing CBD oil. With a loan from friends, his company hit the ground running.

“I had no college, I’m just a small town boy who learned some things so we’re not buying products online,” Hellickson said.

“If something works for somebody, they’re only going to use it if it’s accessible,” he added “We beat everybody on cost 50% by milligram, we have a veteran discount of 15%, a senior discount of 10%.”

Each of his stores has a nature setting with a wood décor.

“We’re running an honest operation, we’re here for the community,” Hellickson said. “If CBD can work for somebody, it’s a better option than pharmaceuticals for sure.”

The Blackfoot store’s hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, with free delivery and curbside pickup from online orders or customers can call (208) 680-2973.