Tax Day photo

The signs reminding people that Monday was the deadline to file taxes were everywhere, and tax preparation business was brisk.

BLACKFOOT — Tax Day came and went Monday, and — aside from those requesting extensions on the April 15 filing deadline — the views of people seeing the impact of the new tax laws enacted last year seemed to be mixed.

The Bingham County Chronicle got a light response on Facebook to its question posed to followers Monday of “With the tax filing deadline coming up, how did you fare compared to previous years? Did the new tax laws have a good, bad, or somewhere in between impact on you?”

Alicia Carper Clark said the new laws had a bad impact on her family’s tax return, but it was good for her parents.

Deanna Lamprecht does tax preparation work in Blackfoot. She had four people call for extensions and two walk-ins beating the deadline Monday.

Lamprecht said she’d seen where some people have been helped by the changes and some have been hurt.

“Standard deductions have almost doubled for most people, but personal exemptions have been taken away,” Lamprecht said. “People with children under 17 have benefited because the child tax credit has been raised, it went from $1,000 to $2,000 per child.”

One area that’s seen a negative impact are those who are employed and would get help with business expenses in the past.

“Those have been done away with,” Lamprecht said. “Because the standard deduction has been raised, fewer people have been able to itemize personal deductions so when it comes to taxes or interest on a home, donations, people are not able to use those as deductions.

“For the most part, the tax cuts have helped people. They’re seeing smaller refunds than they used to, but when you point out to them that they’re paying less taxes, they don’t gripe.”

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