Tanner and Kodylee

Tanner Ward, 14, and Kodylee Jensen, 16, were credited with helping to save a man down while they were delivering newspapers early Thursday morning.

BLACKFOOT — Some observant newspaper carriers with the Adams Publishing Group may have helped save a man’s life here early Thursday morning, authorities say.

Kodylee Jensen, 16, a sophomore at Blackfoot High School, her cousin Tanner Ward, 14, a seventh-grader at Mountain View Middle School, and grandmother Betty Jensen were delivering the Post Register and Idaho State Journal at 79 N. 200 E. around 4 a.m. when Kodylee said she saw something out of the corner of her eye.

“I looked over and saw a body off to the side of the street about halfway in the grass,” she said. “I rolled up the window, locked the door, I just started freaking out because I thought it might be someone dead.”

Kodylee said she turned on Tanner Lane and used her grandmother’s cell phone to call 911.

Tanner said he was trying not to cry and Betty was upset. They waited around the corner from where the man was on the ground until emergency responders arrived.

Kodylee said the man was conscious when authorities from the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office and a Blackfoot Fire Department ambulance arrived, and he appeared to be in his mid-30s or 40s.

“He had his hands on his phone like he’d been holding it, his eyes were open but it didn’t look like he was blinking,” Tanner said. “He had a gash on his forehead.”

“The dispatcher said she was glad that we called, and if we didn’t the man probably would have been dead,” Kodylee said.

Neither Kodylee nor Tanner went to school Thursday.

“We were so upset, we didn’t want to go to school,” Kodylee said. “But we’re getting past it now.”

Blackfoot Fire Capt. Brandon Wall said medical technicians did an assessment at the scene and did not transport the man. He also said the carriers did exactly what was needed.

“This time of year, you never know,” Wall said. “He could have died from exposure. They deserve credit for doing the right thing.”