BLACKFOOT — The committee working to save the Blackfoot Municipal Swimming Pool through the formation of a recreation district found a bump in the road to getting on the November ballot Thursday.

Committee members were told by Bingham County election officials that they will need to pay election costs amounting to $5,671 to cover various items according to Idaho Code 31-4304.

The costs would be to pay for voters not within city limits in the school districts involved to be able to decide on the issue. A petition committee last week passed the minimum number of signatures on petitions needed to get the issue on the November ballot in the Blackfoot, Snake River, and Firth school districts. As of Thursday night, 3,090 signatures had been verified,

Committee members met with Bingham County Clerk Pam Eckhardt and county election director Danette Miller Thursday night to review the state code, the costs, and actions needing to be taken to ensure that the issue appears on the ballot.

Idaho Code 31-4304 covering creation of recreation districts states that the committee’s petition shall be accompanied by a map showing the boundaries of the proposed district.

It says the clerk shall, within 10 days after the filing of the petition and map, estimate the cost of advertising and holding the election and notify those filing the petition of the estimate amount.

Those filing the petition have 20 days after receipt of written notice to deposit the estimated amount with the clerk. If the deposit is made and the recreation district is formed, the group depositing the money shall be reimbursed from the first monies collected by the district from the taxes authorized to be levied.

The ballot costs given to the committee Thursday night are for 9,187 total registered voters outside city limits in the three districts for $1,791.

The costs also cover $2,640 for 22 poll workers, $240 for one poll worker driver, legal notices at $250, and Election Systems and Software set-up costs at $750.

Committee members began brainstorming ways to come up with the $5,671 needed. Committee member Mike Virtue, a former Blackfoot mayor, said anyone interested in donating to help cover the reimbursable costs can contact him {span}at (208) 681-5298.{/span}

{span}”We need to get out and find contributors,” Virtue said.{/span}