BLACKFOOT — When a pothole became more than a few concerned Blackfoot citizens were willing to accept, they began asking questions as to why it hadn’t been repaired.

The pothole continued to grow and got to the point that — as one citizen of Blackfoot said — “It is almost big enough to swallow a two-story house,” it became time to seek out the answers.

This group of citizens began making inquiries into why no repairs had been made. Phone calls to the mayor’s office finally gave them the answers they were seeking, even if they were not the answers this group wanted to hear.

Apparently, the street that is named Louella in Blackfoot and runs between Meridian and past the Auto Zone parts store and past the parking area for C-A-L Ranch is a private road, and not under the jurisdiction of the city and not their responsibility for repairs, no matter how bad the pothole was getting.

As the pothole continued to grow, it became obvious that something needed to be done and this group of concerned citizens, who all asked not to be named, decided it was time to do something.

They contacted a paving company in the area and the best course of action seemed to be to fill the hole with concrete and take care of the problem once and for all.

Thanks go out to the concerned citizens who stepped up and provided time, effort and materials to repair this area of Blackfoot, making it safer and less damaging to vehicles who travel our streets.

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