SHELLEY – Science experiments are offered each Friday throughout the month of June as part of the North Bingham County District Library’s summer reading program, “A Universe of Stories.”

The library is located at 197 W. Locust St. in Shelley.

Volunteers from the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) are providing hands-on science experiments from 1-2 p.m. each Friday throughout the month of June.

Last Friday, the effects of gravity were explored as teams of 2-3 children and their parents built egg drop containers. The objective of the experiments was to protect a raw egg from breaking as it was dropped from various heights. The height drop started at one foot and continued up to 18 feet.

Along with raw eggs, materials like Styrofoam cups, bubble wrap, and lots of duct tape were provided.

Communication was emphasized. “Be sure to ask your teammates for their ideas and thoughts,” the instructions read. “Their improvement could be what helps your team’s egg survive.”

INL engineer Guillermo Madrigal from the Fluor Marine Propulsion unit said, “A heavier item does not necessarily fall at a faster rate than a lighter item. Wind velocity is a factor.”

The egg craft designs were imaginative. Ericson Wittwer crafted a three-cornered design from bubble wrap while Jacob Maloney built a straw cradle in a triangle assemblage. Both designs protected the egg from breaking when dropped from an 18-foot height.

Shelley firefighters Hyrum Adamson, Kurt Russell, and Trevor Norris dropped the egg crafts from various heights. Children also saw a fire truck.

This Friday, structures will be built.

On June 21, flight will be introduced and on June 28, electricity will be presented. Each science class comes with hands-on activities.

Ten volunteers from the INL site are rotating to present these engineering ideas.

Presenting gravity were four volunteers from the Fluor Marine Propulsion unit who work at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory at INL.

“In propulsion technology, we do testing and training and support for the U.S. Navy,” Madrigal said. The other volunteers were Andrew Payant, Kirsten Garrison, and Holly DuMonte.

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