Mountain Road projects preparing to start

Bingham County commissioners sign the agreement between the county and Phil Christensen.

BLACKFOOT – Bingham County Public Works Director Dusty Whited met with the county commissioners on Wednesday morning to cover a handful of items including the plans for mountain road maintenance. Whited said he has arranged an agreement with Phil Christensen to use his gravel pit as a place to source gravel for their project.

Christensen noted that he would only ask for $1 per cubic yard of gravel extracted from the pit and that he followed his father’s mantra, not to ask for money because then it may not get used. The county noted that they are more than willing to pay that fee. The county will have to wait until the end of July to have access to the pit as Christensen has rented it out to another contractor currently.

Bingham County Road and Bridge will use the 10,000 cubic yards of gravel that they plan to extract from the pit and will spread it over seven miles of mountain roads including the top of the “W” and the Sellers Creek area. The county Road and Bridge Department works on different mountain roads every summer in order to stay ahead of the deterioration and with programs like camps and trek events going toward Blackfoot Reservoir, it has become even more important.

Adding to the plans for the creation of crushed gravel in Christensen’s pit, Whited introduced a prior approval for a new crusher cone. Crusher cones are an integral part of the gravel creation process and guarantee that the size of gravel created meets the grade. Whited was pleased to announce that he was able to find a quote for the same price as the last crusher cone that they bought over a year ago.

The use of Christensen’s pit will allow the county the opportunity to do the project in a shorter time period so it does not interfere with any farmers trying to haul their crops out of the Wolverine or Blackfoot River areas. Whited assured the commissioners that he had zero interest in starting early enough to cause issues with tractors or trucks traveling the area.

The project will start near the end of August and will be completed by the end of September.

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