SHELLEY — Five Boy Scout troops from Shelley and Firth attended a Wolverine District Camporee at the North Bingham County Historical Park in Shelley Friday and Saturday.

“More Scouts were here than we expected,” District Scout Commander Bryce Butler said. “Scouts from units 154, 154 G (girls), 198, 37 and 194 from Firth and Shelley participated.”

A campfire program took place Friday evening. Come Saturday morning, 10 activities were planned in an arena style. Scouts could choose what activities in which they wanted to participate.

These activities included visiting the Historical Park, fly fishing, baseball, softball, disc golf, and activities in the pavilion such as knot tying, first aid, and chess.

The “how-tos” of fishing was explored by Scout Hiram Radford of Troop 37 and Scout leader Jerry Hokanson.

“I’ve been fishing four times,” Hiram said, “and I really like it.”

He has caught one cutthroat trout but he must yet cook a trout to complete the fishing unit.

What did the Scouts learn?

“There are three types of fishing — fly, ice and spin casting,” Hiram said. “When planning a fishing trip, you need to check the weather and how high the water is. You need to respect other people’s property and ask them if you can fish on their property.”

Idaho fishing regulations were explained. The number of fish that can be harvested is stated in the fishing regulations.

“If you can only catch two trout to take home, you can continue fishing as long as you release the rest of your catch back into the water,” Hokanson said.

Hiram and Hokanson also practiced knots.

The surgeon’s knot is used when additional length of line needs to be added onto the lead line. To make the surgeon’s knot, both lengths of line are looped over each other twice. It makes a secure knot to secure the lines together. The knot was easier using rope; it was more difficult when six-pound fishing line was put together.

Scout leader Vince Anderson was explaining first aid to a group of scouts.

“I hate frostbite,” he said. “You can lose digits if your feet are frozen. Always carry dry socks so you can change into them. Put on dry socks before you go to sleep at night. They may be cold but they are dry.”

Scouts were asked what they liked about the Camporee.

“Touring the Historical Park,” Anthony Buchanan of Troop 198 said.

“The time we spent together; that was fun,” Ryker Soto of Troop 154 said. “I actually liked everything.”

“There was lots of socializing,” Phoebe Wright of Troop 154G said. “I was able to meet up with other people I hadn’t met before.”

Scouts earned four more points towards earning their “100 below freezing patch.” Points are added if the nighttime temperature gets below 32 degrees. The overnight temperature on Friday night descended to 29 degrees, thus earning each Scout four points.