Snake River School Board meets

The Moreland Elementary School Library has ongoing projects regarding autism and the STEM program with rewards to the students who excel in the programs.

THOMAS – The monthly meeting of the Snake River school board took place on Wednesday night and chief among the lengthy list of items on the agenda included an update on the ongoing septic system project and the superintendent search that is about to be embarked upon.

In attendance were Kent Miller who acted as chairman for the meeting, Marci VanOrden and Carol Hepworth. Lon Harrington was attending via conference call. Chaiman Bill Martin was excused.

The board accepted the approval of the agenda and the consent agenda, which included the minutes of the previous meeting, the resignation of Jewell Farr who had been serving as the accounts payable and receivable person at the high school, a couple of new hires, a student teacher and the budget, payroll and claims payable for October.

A presentation from Moreland Elementary was next and it involved the librarian and the projects that she holds close to her heart involving autism and the STEM (science, technology, english and math) programs at the school. She showed how the students are encouraged to take part in those programs. Rewards were offered and given to students who were at proficient levels or above in those programs.

One fourth grade student also recited a story she had written on the animal of the month sponsored by the library and this month’s animal is the lion.

A report on the current status of the ongoing septic system indicated that there have been some issues with the grinder pump and having to re-calibrate it and it is currently at the shop for adjustments under warranty with the manufacturer and should be fixed within a few days. The issue seems to be when the pump is shut down and then restarted and there is some heavy paper or plastic items in the pump itself. Discussion about a possible screen being placed in front of the pump was discussed and will be looked into. Payment was authorized to connect to the Groveland Water and Sewer system and it was noted that this was an expected payment and not something that has just cropped up, it was just felt that it was time to go ahead and facilitate that payment.

Next was the superintendent search process and discussion and it involved a conference call with ISBA who is assisting with the search. A brochure is being compiled listing the various qualifications, compensation package, duties and responsibilities of the superintendent at Snake River. The location and the schools themselves will be listed in the brochure and it is expected to be ready to distribute by the first of December.

Applications from the prospective candidates will be accepted from Dec. 1 through Jan. 10 at which time the files of the candidates will be presented to the board and the actual interviewing process and narrowing down of the candidates will begin to take place on Jan. 14 and 15 prior to the Jan. 15 board meeting.

There was also discussion of the emergency school Ccosure that took place on Oct. 29 due to cold, snowy and windy weather and that there would be no need for a make-up day.

Snake River High School senior Joe Hanson, as part of the his senior project, is forming a ski club with four weekends of skiing included in the club activities for the year. The trips include three trips to Pebble Creek Ski Resort and one trip to Pomerelle Ski Resort and he is working the pricing and request to use a district school bus for transportation and several chaperones to accompany the students. He presented projected costs and will bring back actual figures when they are sent to him from the resorts and he has an opportunity to meet with the district’s transportation director on actual costs for the buses. He was applauded by the board for his work on this project.

There was also mention of the Thanksgiving break this year from Nov. 27 through Dec. 2 and there will be a list of school Christmas programs sent out to the trustees this week.

The next board meeting will be on Dec. 18 and held at Snake River Junior High School at 7 p.m.