Shelley School Board Meets

Shelley School District Superintendent Chad Williiams (left) and trustee Scott Frederickson discuss issues on the re-opening guidelines.

SHELLEY – The Shelley School District board of trustees held a special meeting on Thursday for the primary purpose of finalizing plans for the return to school.

The board discussed each of the items they had discussed in a previous meeting, but with the suggested changes from that previous meeting.

The meeting only took around 50 minutes before the board was satisfied with the resulting document and voted unanimously to support all of the work district Superintendent Chad Williams had put forth to complete the final set of protocols for Shelley schools.

Williams has been working closely with officials of the Southeastern Idaho Public Health Department to develop this set of guidelines.

Patrons are advised that these are not hard and true, cast in stone plans, but will continue to be a work in progress as the district enters into a new dimension of education in the Shelley area.

Details from the published document are included in this article so they may be reviewed by all district patrons of the Shelley School District Community and includes suggestions from the community over the past several weeks and includes a question-and-answer section as well.

Williams cautioned that this document may go through several more revisions and is a live document that will mirror what we continue to learn about COVID-19 with the re-opening of the schools.

Dear Shelley School District #60 Families and Staff,

On behalf of the Shelley Board of Trustees, I want to thank each of you for your flexibility and patience. The rapid transition from face to face instruction to full online was an “uneven” one. Despite the abruptness of the transition, I appreciate how quickly our amazing staff was able to adapt to the change. I am pleased we kept all of our staff employed and continued to provide food service for hundreds of families in serving over 100,000 meals. I appreciate the parental support during the stay at home experience. Thank you for your care, hard work and dedication!

Shelley schools plan to begin classes August 18, 2020. We realize we cannot guarantee a germ-free environment but we will implement procedures in order to decrease the amount of close contact, six feet for 15 minutes, that occurs. This will take the efforts and help of everyone involved. The actions we take to reduce close contact will result in fewer classes and activities being postponed or canceled. Please see the tables below to see how each of us can help.

We also realize our status will change from time to time to “full return” to “50% of the kids attend full day” to another plan. Please stay in tune to the alerts from Shelley Schools along with the social media outlets of each building, and the district website. We will make an effort to keep everyone informed.


Full return- minimal risk as defined by SEIPH Regional Plan, SEIPH active cases, Bingham tracking

All kids will attend school as normal as possible

Individuals who are sick will attend remotely.

50% of kids attend full day- moderate risk

Based on last name students will attend:

Monday/Wednesday A-M

Tuesday/Thursday N-Z

Off day students will be expected to log into their google classrooms for their instruction and to complete assignments for that day.

25% of kids attend 1 day / week- high risk

Based on last name students will attend:

Monday A-F

Tuesday G-M

Wednesday N-S

Thursday T-Z

Off day students will be expected to log into their google classrooms for their instruction and to complete assignments for that day.

100% remote learning- critical risk

Staff will be expected to physically report to work

Students will be expected to attend via google classroom remotely

Class schedule will be followed

New Protocols

1-to-1 chromebooks will occur.

Classroom webcams to record daily lessons

Daily Google classroom use.

Individuals who appear ill will be sent to the office for electronic temperature checks and evaluation.

COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home

Scheduled hand washings for students and staff periodically throughout the day.

Sanitation Squad will strive to wash high touch areas many times each day.

6 ft rule when possible.

Daily Sanitation Protocols

Daily Diagnosis Protocols

Postpone field trips and assemblies indefinitely

Post signage from the CDC

Students who attend remotely will be counted as present. IC 33.1003c

Daily Sanitation Protocols

Block open doors so students do not touch door handles

Sanitation Squad will clean all frequent touch areas hourly

When outside temperature permits, windows and doors will remain open

Hand sanitizer will be readily available in each classroom.

Air circulation system filters will be changed before the 1st day of school and will be rotated on the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Buses sanitized twice daily

Desks sanitation a few times per day

Daily Diagnosis Protocols

Daily temperature checks in each classroom

Daily Self Health Assessment

Do you currently have, or have you had within the last 24 hours, any cold or flu symptoms (including a cough, fever greater than 100.4 F, or shortness of breath) without the use of symptom reducing medicines?

Have you been in contact with anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days?

Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, please return to your vehicle and call your principal. Do not enter a school facility until you have been granted permission to do so. The health and safety of every student and employee is our top priority. Please do not put others’ health at risk by coming to school with cold or flu symptoms.

Things we can do to limit the number of days classes and activities are cancelled or postponed:

Everyone can:

Follow all protocols listed above.

Stay home if you are sick

Encourage mask use

Limit the number of people with whom you come in close contact

Avoid using water fountain

Avoid face to face meetings when possible

Coaches/Advisors can:

Create protocols to help limit close contact.

Provide substantial sanitation products

Promote social distancing practices

Take roll at every gathering

Parents can:

Keep your child or children home if they are ill, particularly if they are coughing or have a fever above 100.4..

Keep your child home if you as a parent or caregiver have a severe cold or fever.

Do not send children back to school until this criteria has been met.

Ensure your child has a water bottle.

Help your child stay up to speed during quarantine times.

Google classroom tutorial for parents

Parent tutorial #1 (4:19)

Parent tutorial #2 (9:06)

Parent tutorial #3 (3:53)

Parent tutorial #4 (6:24)

Students can:

Stay home if you are sick.

Practice social distancing.

Sit in your assigned seat.

Take steps to limit the number of people with whom you are in “close contact”.

Eat with the same group of people each day.

Stay up to speed with your classes during quarantine

Teachers can:

Daily Self Health Assessment & temperature check within 5 minutes of the beginning of class. 100.4 and above should be sent to the office for evaluation.

Assign students a seat.

Use google classroom on a daily basis (blended learning)

Use webcam to record and post direct instruction in google classroom

Avoid hard copies when possible

Create protocols to help increase social distancing practices

Schedule hand washing time

Ensure high touch areas inside the classroom are sanitized regularly.

Administrators can:

Create protocols to help limit close contact.

Provide each classroom with a touch less temperature gauge, hand sanitizer, and sanitation spray bottle.

Provide substantial sanitation products

Suspend attendance promotion

Identify an isolation/screening room

Limit visitors to parents and essential visitors on campus

Post educational information

Require face coverings for volunteers

COVID-19 Response (FAQ)

What if someone in a building is confirmed to have COVID-19 by health professionals?

The district will work closely with Southeastern Idaho Public Health (SEIPH) in the response process. Each situation will be handled case-by-case.

SEIPH COVID-19 case in school planning document

Identify who was in close contact with the infected. This may include entire classrooms. Those in close contact with the infected may be quarantined for up to 14 days and not allowed to physically attend school activities during the quarantine. BP 3520 & IC 33-512.7

Determine specific locations where the infected occupied the building. These locations will be immediately sanitized or vacated for 3 days.

How can we limit “close contact”?

Close contact is defined as being within 6 ft for 15 minutes

Assigned seating in the classroom, lunchroom and on buses.

Eat and interact with the same group each day.

Maintain a 6 ft rule whenever possible.

What if my child prefers to attend Shelley schools online for the entire year?

Parents need to make contact with their building principal between Aug. 3-7. Based on demand, the following may be options:

Secondary students will be able to take classes via Google Classroom, IDLA, BYU online, or a combination of all.

Elementary classes will be hosted on Google Classroom and if demand is high, we may designate online teachers.

Sunrise Elementary — Robyn Elswood (208) 357-7668

Riverview Elementary — Ben Lemons (208) 357-5625

Stuart Elementary — Jared Heath (208) 357-5580

Hobbs Middle School — Dale Clark (208) 357-7667

Shelley High School — Burke Davis (208) 357-7400

- Cortney Markham (Assistant) (208) 357-7400

Special Education — Mike Messick (208) 357-5125

Will face masks be required?

Some of our teachers may be in a high risk category, or have immune deficiencies and therefore, may reasonably be asking all of their students to wear face masks in their classroom. We ask all to respect this request.

Everyone is welcome to wear a face mask at school.

If you have a high risk child or have specific concerns about your child wearing a mask or you prefer your child not wear a mask, please contact your building principal.

What if an employee chooses not to work due to COVID-19 or needs to care for a child with COVID-19 or contracts COVID-19?

Employees will be required to meet the expectations of their job descriptions.

If employees cannot perform their essential job functions due to illness or quarantine, the Families First Corona Act guidance will be followed.

If employee is quarantined = 2 weeks paid 100%

If employee is caring for someone quarantined= 2 weeks at 66% pay

If employee has to care for a child due to COVID-19 closure = Up to an additional 10 weeks at 66% pay we are doing 10 days of Emergency Medical Leave following the Family First Act and then normal sick leave.

If an employee is mandated to be quarantined but still can perform their essential job functions remotely, they will not be required to take sick leave. This can be designated as school business leave. This may mean we are paying subs to be in a classroom in person while a teacher teaches remotely from home due to being quarantined.

What if a member of an extra-curricular group tests positive for COVID-19?

The district will work closely with Southeastern Idaho Public Health (SEIPH) in the response process. Each situation will be handled case-by-case.

The extra-curricular activity will likely be halted for 14 days.

Identify who was in close contact with be quarantined for 14 days and not allowed to physically attend school activities during the 14 day quarantine.BP 3520 & IC 33-512.7

Can volunteers still help in schools?

Yes, but they will be required to wear face masks.

What if another school has team members with COVID-19?

The district will work closely with South Eastern Idaho Public Health (SEIPH) in the response process. Each case will be unique to itself and will be handled case-by-case.

How will we handle performances/practices/competitions if school is canceled for a bit?

The district will work closely with Southeastern Idaho Public Health (SEIPH) in the response process. Each case will be unique to itself and will be handled case-by-case.

It is likely practices and competitions will be canceled for all who have been “in close contact”.

How will we handle high risk staff and students?

Employees can use their sick days, personal days, and the days allowed by Families First Corona Act. They are expected to perform their job duties.

Students will have the option to receive their schooling in an online format via Google Classroom.

Will Shelley online students be held accountable for assignments, tests, and etc?


How do we handle someone with the flu or similar symptoms?

Individuals with symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to physically attend school until this criteria has been symptoms have subsided.

When will a student who is sick be able to return to school?

When the following 3 criteria are met:

At least 3 days with no fever (and no fever reducing meds), other symptoms are improving

At least 10 days from symptom onset. This is probably going to require some ongoing discussion, as we know many kids tend to get lots of colds in general.