BLACKFOOT — Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland addressed concerns about the roadways as holiday and winter travel gets underway across the country.

He noted specific locations in the county that he felt needed some attention to which commissioner Whitney Manwaring reaffirmed with visiting some of the same locations over the weekend.

Baseline Road was the first road mentioned in the discussion. Rowland stated that the road has a blind stop sign that is known for causing wrecks. Manwaring stated that he had addressed the issue with the Idaho Transportation Department about getting a flashing stop sign installed or at the minimum, a stop ahead sign installed so that vehicles do not run through the intersection causing a wreck.

Railroad tracks were also noted during the conversation. Because of the location of Baseline Road, there have been issues in that location for quite some time leading to the installation of rumble warning strips as motorists approach the stop sign. That method was utilized for a long period of time but the road has been chip sealed on multiple occasions since the rumble strips were cut. According to Manwaring, the county has tried to locate a company that performs the installation of these strips, but at this point, the search has not yielded a lot of results.


Rowland made the commissioners aware that neighboring Bannock County has closed its motor vehicle department to allow time to catch up on their titles and mail-in renewals, potentially sending more people to the Bingham County DMV in the process. ITD rolled out new software last month that connected the driver’s license department and the DMV. The connection went live across the entire state and has forced Bingham County’s DMV to close early every day to ensure that they stay up on their titles and mail-in renewals. There is major concern that this could become the new normal for the DMV.


Rose Road construction being conducted by Cannon Builders is on pace to be completed by Christmas according to Manwaring. He explained that they have been working hard at it and is appreciative they were able to wait until after harvest to start the project.

The construction project was designed to replace parts of the deck of Rose Road bridge over the Snake River that has deteriorated. Cannon Builders designed a plan that has allowed one lane to remain open during the construction rather than diverting traffic down Groveland Road and over Porterville Road to make trips down Rose Road. The one-lane bridge is being managed by temporary traffic signals and has not received a single complaint from the public.