THOMAS – The annual Snake River High School Senior Awards Banquet for 2019 was held Monday night and the theme for the evening seemed to resonate around the community at the school.

As the honored guest of the evening, Stanley Williams so aptly said, “This is about the students, of course, but also the teachers, the coaches, and the administration, all of whom work towards the common goal of the student and the success they are destined to have.”

A graduate of Snake River High School in 1957, Williams was not only a student who went on to be a community leader in agriculture, business, civic and community service, and a member of both the Idaho House of Representatives and an Idaho State Senator, he embodies the epitome of what everyone at Snake River High School strives to be, a good person who gives back to the community.

“I am so thankful to the teachers and coaches of Snake River High School for all that they taught me while I was in school all those so many years ago,” Williams said. “They taught me about life and how to choose my friends, my wife, how to raise my family, and how to treat people along the way.”

Williams went on to say that the foundation of the men and women who leave Snake River High School is formed by the way the school treats its students, giving them life lessons that will form the adults and citizens of the community for many years to come.

“I remember some of the things that Coach Mecham taught me about life while toiling in the gymnasium to become a better basketball player,” Williams said. “They are one and the same, building teams that will be with you no matter what, friends that you can turn to at any time and rely upon for strength and support, people who know the right way to do nearly everything.”

A plaque and certificate was presented to Williams that will not only hold a special place in the Williams home, but a replica will also have a permanent resting place in the Snake River High School Community library for all to see.

The awards were presented to Williams by Snake River School District Superintendent David Kerns.

The rest of the ceremony honored students who had earned scholarships in various capacities through their hard work — academically, athletically, and through community service.

As one individual stated during the awarding of some of the scholarships, “We are not looking just for those who excel in the classroom, but those who can succeed in life itself, in all aspects outside of Snake River High School, those who will become great citizens and represent not only themselves, but their community, state, and country as they travel the road through life. Snake River High School produces those students and we honor them tonight.”

Approximately $200,000 in scholarships and awards were handed out by Idaho State University, part of the total of over $300,000 that was given out during the ceremony.

In addition, Snake River High School administration honored the Class of 2019 Honors Recipients, 32 senior students who had earned a 3.5 cumulative grade point average for their high school careers.

Another 16 seniors were honored with High Honors, those with a 3.75 or higher cumulative grade point average.

Benson Isom and Kenya Leavitt were both honored as Salutatorians for the Class of 2019.

Alexis Fuller, Tate Gilbert, Alexa Hansen, Mia Harper, Anna Larsen, McKenna Peck, Marissa Pieper, Bailey Sensenbach, Maggie Watt, and Kamber Williams were all honored as Valedictorians for the Class of 2019.

Jordyn Phillips was honored as not only Valedictorian, but also served as senior class president.

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