Handcuffs with gavel on a wood background

BLACKFOOT — A St. Anthony man who has been convicted of several felony crimes related to drug abuse lost his bid for a retained jurisdiction sentence and another probation Monday when he was sentenced in Bingham County’s 7th District Court to five years of hard time.

Saying there’s no reason to believe another chance will change anything, Judge Darren Simpson sentenced Randy Edwin Gleed, 54, to five years fixed and five years indeterminate in state prison for burglary and grand theft, and the enhancement charge of being a persistent violator.

In reviewing the pre-sentence report ordered on Gleed, Simpson said the Bingham County charges constitute his 13th felony for similar crimes committed in several counties over a period of years to feed his drug addiction, and he still has a similar unadjudicated charge in Jefferson County.

The sentence came despite a recommendation from the pre-sentence investigator for a retained jurisdiction and a statement by Gleed that this time he will make good. He apologized to the court and his victims, saying “I want to do everything I can to repay the damage I’ve done. I’m confident I can be successful if given a rider program. I’ve come up with a plan. I have to have a structured life. I’m getting older and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in prison.”

His public defender Manuel Murdoch, echoed Gleed’s words, saying his client has a severe substance abuse problem, and when he relapses he goes out and commits the same type of crime. However, Murdoch said, he believes Gleed could succeed this time with a retained jurisdiction sentence in a structured environment.

But Simpson said Gleed has had charges from Twin Falls to Madison, Fremont and Jefferson counties as well as Bingham and has been on parole or probation or in prison for 26 years.

“What have you been doing for the past 26 years?” he asked. “You’ve been trying, but you get around drugs and you lose your resolve. You keep breaking into other peoples’ property and stealing their property to buy drugs.”

He ordered Gleed to pay fees, fines and court costs amounting to $2,250, plus another $5,550 to reimburse his most recent victim.

In other court business, Blane Jones, 54, Blackfoot, pleaded innocent to possession of methamphetamine. His pretrial conference was set for Nov. 1 and jury trial for Nov. 19. He was continued free on his own recognizance.

Bobby Lee Henderson, 37, Blackfoot, pleaded innocent to burglary and grand theft. His pretrial conference was scheduled for Nov. 1 and jury trial for Nov. 11. He was continued free on his own recognizance.

A charge of trafficking in heroin against Johnathan Franklin Jackman, 40, Blackfoot, was reduced in a plea agreement to possession of heroin and he entered a guilty plea along with guilty pleas to possession of methamphetamine, illegal possession of oxycodone and probation violation. Sentencing was scheduled for Dec. 27 and he was remanded to jail in lieu of bail.

Daylin Lee Farmer, 24, Fort Hall, pleaded innocent to principal to aggravated assault on police, encouraging or aiding and abetting another to flee or attempt to elude police and resisting arrest. His pretrial conference was set for Nov. 1 and jury trial for Nov. 11. He was remanded to custody in lieu of bail.

Plea arraignment for Vernonica Beatrice Reynoso, 33, Pocatello, on a charge of trafficking methamphetamine, was continued to Oct. 14 at 1 p.m. She was continued free on her own recognizance.

Marcos Miguel Gajllegos, 36, Pocatello, pleaded innocent to trafficking methamphetamine and midemeanor possession of a controlled substance. His pretrial conference was set for Nov. 1 and jury trial for Nov. 11 He was remanded to custody in lieu of bail.

Francisca Monique Matsaw, 31, Blackfoot, failed to appear for a hearing on a motion to revoke her own recognizance release to pretrial services on charge of possession of methamphetamine and fleeing or attempting to elude police. A warrant was issued for her arrest with bail set at $50,000.