Stone Ridge Lane validated

Stone Ridge Lane was officially validated and received by Bingham County on Monday, January 11.

BLACKFOOT – Dusty Whited, Bingham County Public Works director, met with the county commissioners Monday morning to present the findings on the study of Stone Ridge Lane — formerly referred to as Neff Road — regarding its validation. The validation process is conducted to ensure that the reception of the road happens with proper knowledge surrounding the longevity and quality regarding how it was built.

Whited stated that compaction studies as well as core samples were taken from multiple locations to verify the quality only to return less than stellar results. The first major issue that was noticed was that the core samples did not meet the depth requirements set forth by the county and the second issue noticed was that if cuts were to be made into the road to fix the areas that fell just shy of the requirement, the longevity of the road could be compromised.

Whited explained that the depth was shy only one-eighth of an inch of the desired two-and-one-half-inches, and he felt confident that the small difference should not be a staggering issue for the roadway. He furthered his point by stating that if they were to require the section to be removed, not only would it provide areas for water to potentially enter — which leads to issues due to the cold weather — but it would also present a possibility of having compaction issues in the area leading to what he called “alligator pitting.” Alligator pitting is a colloquial term that describes when a smaller section of roadway breaks into small pieces, presenting an appearance of alligator scales.

Despite the small difference in the roadway and the county’s requirements, Whited felt confident enough to recommend that the commissioners accept the road as is with the stipulations that it is not the county’s responsibility to repair any failures of the newly paved roadway. The developer of the area that was required to install the road to meet the development agreement takes full responsibility for any failures that could arise over the next three years. The developer had hired Black Diamond Paving to build the road.

The commissioners voted in favor of accepting the road with the three-year condition. They then signed the documents along with the developer.