BLACKFOOT – More cake decorators and more cakes were entered in the 2019 Sugar Art Show at the Eastern Idaho State Fair (EISF). Winners of the Sugar Art Show were announced Thursday evening in the 4-H Building.

The theme for the 2019 special occasion cake category was “It’s a Jungle.” It was a popular theme. In viewing the cakes, one gets the distinct impression that a jungle arrived at the fair.

Best of Show, sponsored by Amalgamated Sugar, went to Constance Haworth with her five-tiered creation of jungles around the world. From every angle, this cake is worth seeing.

Before constructing her cake, Haworth researched the jungle inhabitants — mammals, birds and reptiles — from around the world. The bottom tier of her cake features animals living in southeast Asia; the second tier features animals from West and Central Africa. The third tier features animals from Central and South America and includes the Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala, along with a jaguar, toucan, orangutan, tapir, sloth, macaw and black caiman.

The fourth tier features the jungle ruins of the 12th century Ta Prohm Temple at Angkor, Siem Reap Province in Cambodia.

The top layer was taken from the Mayan stone jaguar head carvings.

“I loved the way the Mayan Jaguar … had the mouth wide open baring the teeth in the front,” Haworth said. “I felt that would be perfect for the opening of a waterfall which would tie all the cake tiers together as ‘water’ is seen as the giver of ‘life’ to the jungle.”

Asked how long it took her to create this cake, Haworth said, “I don’t know. I was working on it every spare minute for weeks.”

“I won best of show two years ago,” she said. “I thought it was a fluke so I had to try again.”

Not only do cake decorators have talent, they also are determined.

SaraLee Lanier from Jackson was not feeling well when she brought her cake entries to the fair last Tuesday. On Wednesday, she decided to go to the clinic where she discovered she was having an appendicitis attack. She was admitted to the hospital in Jackson and had her appendix removed. She was released from the hospital on Saturday.

Lanier’s sister, GinGar Lancaster, represented her at the cake show. Lanier attended via Facetime.

Lanier’s cakes won first place in the professional division in Wedding Cake Fondant and first place in Mystery Bridal Packet Cake. She was also grand champion in both of these divisions. She placed second in the Best Tasting Cake division.

Desi Richards won the Judge’s Choice with her Sugar Art Sculpture that featured a pirate’s ship as book ends. She also won first place and was the grand champion in the professional division for this sugar art sculpture.

About the show, Richards said, “This is just like Christmas to me. We were able to add a new category — isomalt (which is a sugar for diabetics) — and keep the airbrushed cake category. Not only were there more people entering this year; their work is improving year after year, even the kids’ work.”

Committee member Sharon Hoge said, “It is so gratifying to have so many entries but even better that is the quality of the workmanship. They just get better and better, especially the entries from our young decorators. We had entries starting at age 4, our youngest competitor, to our eldest competitor at 96. That is exciting.”

She added, “I hope people coming to the fair will take the time to come into the Hobbies and Crafts building. These cakes rival anything I have seen on television.”

The person winning Best of Show earns $1,000 from Amalgamated Sugar. Cake decorator Amy Marsh was the first winner of this prize in 2009.